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Oct 13, 2007


For those who feel Lamborghini’s styling has been severely softened by parent Audi, meet the Lamborghini Embolado concept, a car with styling so aggressive that you would be forgiven for wetting your pants just looking at it.

Created by Italian design student Luca Serafini, the idea of the Embolado came from the Spanish festival Toro Embolado, meaning ‘bull in balls’, an event where balls of flammable material are attached to the horns of a bull and lit on fire. The bull is then set free in the streets at night. “The choice of the name was the first step towards the creation of this concept,” says Serafini. He’s even created a Superleggera version of the car with similar styling cues to the recently released Gallardo Superleggera. Designing the Embolado stemmed from Serafini’s dream to work at Lamborghini, however he is no stranger to designing Italian supercars, having previously conceptualized a Ferrari Dino. In fact, Serafini is a native of Modena so inspiration for automotive exotica would have come at an early age. The cab forward design approach is also fairly unique to the supercar world, making the Embolado even more of a head-turner than usual.
His latest creation is based on the dimensions of the Gallardo, but seems much more true to Lamborghinis of old where the cars would instil fear both standing still and in motion. We could envisage a new entry-level Lambo looking exactly like this, making a perfect rival for the rumoured Dino model from Ferrari. If someone from Lamborghini is reading this please pass it on to the proper authorities.
The Embolado was modelled in Rhino; the final renderings were created in 3DStudio MAX, with some post-process in Photoshop.
The Embolado concept by Industrial Designing student Luca Serafini can be described as a Lamborghinised version of the Pagani Zonda F. Although it has Lamborghini’s signature ultra-aggressive front, I find the rear wheels a bit too far-away at the back. & the Superleggera version is definitely the best of all, with its all-carbon body & lightweight-spoiler. Lamborghini should seriously consider hiring Luca Serafini...

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InF said...

You do have a cool blog with loads of interesting stuff to read. Specially about the technological stuff. Don't mind me bookmarking you, do you?

I'm gonna keep checking here.

Ps. Saw you on MBB and thought I'd give a check. No regrets! :P

carrotmadman6 said...

Thanks a lot!!

Ok, i've added u to my links. :P

Anonymous said...

Mo truv concept la pa assez agrassive.

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