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Oct 16, 2007


Today, Nokia announced its forthcoming S60 touch UI. It’s awesome, impressive &… iphonesque! It’s a bit too early to compare it to another well-known, uber-publicized & generally-hated multi-touch phone, since it was only a software demo, not a hardware demo… But we can trust Nokia to come up with a jack-of-all-trades that will blow up the competition (like the N95-8GB)!
In Brief: -
- Efficient and intuitive touch UI with haptics tactile feedback. In other words, the touchscreen allows the user to feel the virtual keys. So you can type or press keys without looking at the screen!
- Support for both fingers and a stylus. (I hope they will replicate the iPhone’s keyboard - with haptics feedback - then it would be even better than a real keyboard!)
- Full support for existing S60 3rd Edition apps! (of course, these apps can be enhanced to take advantage of the new touch UI)
- Motion-based "flip to silence" mode, where incoming calls can be quieted by flipping the phone on its face! (see the video!)
- Support for kinetic, proximity, orientation and light sensors. (Ha-ha! the Accelerometer!)
- UI Accelerator Toolkit enables developers to make "impressive" graphical effects. (I can hardly imagine how much you’ll be able to modify the themes!)
- Flash video support on the S60 browser - now you’ll be able to watch YouTube & browse Flash sites!
- Available to S60 device manufacturers "during 2008."

Here's the video of S60’s touch UI - DON’T MISS IT (6.4 MB):

It seems that the video of the touch UI has been copied upon the phone ad. :-/ (Coz it’s obvious no device can have such a “time lag.”)

Nokia Press Release - S60 smartphone software evolves to enrich the user experience
October 16, 2007
Expanding the platform with intuitive touch user interface, sensor technologies and complete web video experience

Symbian Smartphone Show, London, UK - As Internet is entering into the core of mobile experiences, Nokia continues to implement new innovations for S60 on Symbian OS(TM), the market leading smartphone software, to develop the best possible mobile experiences for people.
S60 will introduce new features that enhance the user experience and enable manufacturers, developers and operators to design new types of mobile devices, applications and services.
The touch user interface in S60 smartphone software offers licensees the opportunity to develop devices with a variety of input methods, whether it is a touch screen with a traditional keypad, touch screen with a QWERTY keyboard or touch screen alone, supporting both finger & stylus optimized input, in addition to the range of access options that already exist today.
S60 touch user interface comes with support for tactile feedback, which means that there is a physical pulse and feedback when the user taps on the screen. This provides better awareness of the device's response improving the user experience.
Existing S60 3rd Edition applications will run on touch enabled devices unmodified. Tools will be made available for developers to further optimize the touch experience of their applications.

From motion and orientation to proximity and light, sensor technology is expanding to new areas and shaping the future for mobiles. S60 brings sensor support to the platform as a generic solution enabling support for a range of sensors in S60 devices. These technologies open up a new kinetic world to the user and offer completely new opportunities for application and game developers.
Also, the new UI Accelerator toolkit will allow device manufacturers to develop rapidly and easily impressive graphical effects and new types of interactions, further increasing the user appeal and excitement.
S60 will be the first mobile software platform to deliver the complete Web video experience as Flash Video will be integrated with the Web Browser for S60. This allows people to view on the go Flash-enabled Web sites and Flash Video, such as YouTube, as they would do on their desktops.

Want more?
Engadget - Nokia S60 Touch Interface Announced - S60 Touch Interface Launched
Nokia - Press Release


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Anonymous said...

Ze veux sa comme kado d'anif :rolleyes:

carrotmadman6 said...

Moi aussi (mais c'est zis un OS demo - we don't know what hardware it will run on!)

Anonymous said...

Bel demarche pou ecrire en SMS avec sa!

carrotmadman6 said...

I hope Nokia will add a QWERTY landscape keyboard... With the haptics, i think it will be faster than every other keyboard!

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