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Feb 5, 2008

iPod Touch 32GBiPhone 16GBApple have just doubled the flash storage of their most popular devices…

iPhone 16GBApple iPhone has gone 16GB at $499, but there is absolutely no other hardware improvement (still no 3G). The 8GB model is sold at $399.

iPod Touch 32GBThe iPod Touch has also been updated to a massive 32GB of flash storage… price is $499. 16GB model is $399 & 8GB model $299.
The 32GB model is quite appealing, since it has large enough capacity, is not a hard-disk & has a touchscreen… & don’t forget that the SDK will be released this Feb!

Top Gear goes to JAPAN!!!
Top Gear LogoThe Top Gear Team - Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond & James May
Among the many, many things that makes Top Gear so very awesome are the challenges that the BBC producers cook up for Clarkson, Hammond and May around the world. Previous episodes have placed the trio buying beaters in the southern U.S. and racing their beloved jalopies across the States with ridiculous tasks and little more than pocket change. The next challenge for the Top Gear team is set to take place in Japan, where filming is scheduled to begin next month. We don't know what they'll be doing in the Land of the Rising Sun, or even if it will take a similar form to the aforementioned American episode, but we're looking forward to finding out when it airs next season.
[via Autoblog]

Top Gear team goes to the land of Toyota & Nissan!!! A cheap Japanese car challenge? The Japanese Stig? Well, expect the unexpected! Can't wait for Season 11 to start!

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Anonymous said...

what's the mauritius ipod touch price?
that i need .
please give me an answer

Anonymous said...

what's the price of an ipod touch??

carrotmadman6 said...

Price, as of Dec 2010, at iShop. 4th gen iPod Touch.

8GB - Rs 9790
32GB - Rs 12590
64GB - Rs 16590

Anonymous said...

Y it is so expensive in mauritius?

drunkMrbean said...

anonymous..yeah! i could ask 1 ipod5 for christmas if it wasn't that expensive :/ poor me

Prajeetboodhun said...

 Go to n see all the Apple products prices or visit it.

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