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Feb 17, 2008

Orbit Downloader LogoThis a follow-up to the post “How to download embedded flv (YouTube) videos.
Thanks to the tip by Kyu, I've decided to test out the downloading prowess of Orbit Downloader.

Orbit Downloader ScreenshotOrbit Downloader’s interface is very similar to my preferred download manager Flashget. There’s a log, a progress chart & download properties.

New Download with Orbit DownloaderMultiple Threads with Orbit DownloaderWhen adding a new download, just like with any other download manager, you get to configure the number of threads/parallel connection you want & you can also enter your username & password.

Orbit Downloader not working with Rapidshare Premium!Usernames & passwords are saved into a Site Manager, so that it is automatically filled in when you download from the same server. That sounds great for Rapidshare premium downloads… but Orbit Downloader cannot log into Rapidshare. I’ve tried everything, but Orbit doesn’t work at all. (Flashget can log in perfectly with RS Premium)

Orbit Downloader DownloadingThere’s the drop-down box which is quite handy & obsolete. You can’t configure the graph… so it’s always a straight line.

Orbit Downloader FeaturesOrbit Downloader performs very badly compared to other download managers, namely Flashget, IDM, FDM, etc. However its true strength doesn’t lie in these normal downloads… but in streaming media.

Orbit Downloader Grab++Orbit Downloader has an addon called Grab++ which monitors all streaming media traffic & provides the direct download link. Where everything else failed me, Orbit Downloader’s Grab++ worked! I’ve tried it with many streaming sites, & so far Orbit has managed to track most of them!
So if you want to download streaming media, the first software to try is Orbit Downloader… it’s not a very good downloader, but it can capture anything.
Download at:

Still can’t capture with Orbit Downloader? Continue on with Screen Capture software…

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