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Sep 16, 2008



"It’s not just a new Lamborghini. It’s a new world."

The above pic is the only teaser Lamborghini have released for the new model they are planning to unveil at the Paris Motor Show on the 1st of October. & given the above saying, it doesn’t appear to be any Lambo. My best bet is that it’s a Murciélago replacement since that model was introduced in 2001! Or a Reventón-like Special Edition. But certainly not the LM002 SUV!!! All we know is that it’s going to be named after a fighting bull… ;)



Bugatti Veyron GT?!?!?


A Bugatti memo has been leaked which claims that there’s a special edition Veyron GT in works that will add in a little bit more power (1350hp) & some minor add-ons – to take it up to 425km/h (264mph)! If that’s true, then the Veyron GT will be the fastest production car on Earth, beating the SSC Ultimate Aero TT’s 412.28km/h speed record (the Bugatti Veyron 16.4’s top speed is 408.47km/h).

Unofficial document reveals details about 425km/h Veyron GT

It’s been known since the outset that the Bugatti Veyron would be limited to just 300 units, and from its early days there has been talk about a special run-out model. Last month reports emerged claiming that Bugatti is already working on a Veyron successor, however a leaked memo alleged to be an official document suggests that before its arrival there will be a special edition of the Veyron simply called the ‘GT’.

Specifics on the new car are few, but according to the memo the Veyron GT will essentially be a standard Veyron with more power and a few minor mods. How much power you ask? Apparently 1,350hp (1,007kW) and 1,018lb-ft (1,380Nm) of torque – enough to take it to a new top speed of 264mph (425km/h).

The memo claims the car will also be fitted with upgraded carbon-ceramic brakes, a new electronic stability program, and a revised active aerodynamics package. With the upgrades on board the Veyron GT will sprint from 0-62mph (100km/h) in just 2.4 seconds and will go back to zero in just 2.2 seconds.

The expected launch date is scheduled for the Geneva Motor Show in March next year. Importantly, the memo also states that current Veyron owners will be able to upgrade their vehicles to GT status.

While the concept of an even faster Veyron is exciting, Bugatti is yet to release an official statement on the car so it could all just be rumor.

In a previous interview with Autocar, Bugatti CEO Franz-Josef Paefgen confirmed the launch of a Veyron successor sometime in 2011 or 2012. In another interesting twist, the Bugatti boss also hinted that the company could take the new car racing, an activity that has been completely ruled out with the Veyron. What series or races the company might be considering are unknown, but Le Mans and similar activities might carry the prestige and notoriety that would suit Bugatti’s image.

[Source: Motor Authority]

& here’s the Bugatti Grand Sport, which is the targa top version of the Veyron. There’s both a removal hard top & a normal roof. The hard top allows the Grand Sport to reach 405.55km/h (252mph). The fastest roadster on Earth!!!





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Anonymous said...

when will i own this car! ! !

carrotmadman6 said...

Tonight... :P

(Watch a slideshow of photos 5x, memorise it & then go to sleep - you'll be "owning" it!) ;)

Anonymous said...

Here's another fan of lamborghini. I like reventon. it's completely aerodynamic with high end, design and digital dashboard. Nice article ;)

Yashvin said...

When u can own it?

lol, in the next need for speed edition haha!

carrotmadman6 said...

The Reventón & the Grand Sport most probably won't be available in the next NFS. :(
But then you've got the LP560-4, the LP640 & the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 already in there! :)

Now, it all depends on EA to bring up a great game - ProStreet was trash. But I've heard that Undercover will be back to the basics (Most Wanted), so that shows some promise! :D

Anonymous said...

@carrot-->Just watch the undercover's trailer and you will love it..:p

@yashvin-->No.THis car is not in NFS..and I don''t think it will be in the coming NFS..

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