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Sep 14, 2008


Stephan Buckland has won the 200m IAAF World Athletics Final at Stuttgart!

Men's 200 Metres


The effect of the chilly conditions that enveloped Mercedes Benz Stadium today was vividly illustrated in the men’s 200 where just two men managed to reach the finish in under 20.60.

Brendan Christian of Antigua, a 20.12 man this year and the winner in Oslo, entered the straight with a two metre lead, but running out of steam in the waning stages, was edged by Stephane Buckland of Mauritius and Irishman Paul Hession.

After the photo was read, the win and $30,000 went to Buckland (20.57) who edged Hession by just 0.01 seconds. It was the first World Athletics Final victory for the 31-year-old after finishing fifth twice and sixth a year ago in the last three editions.

Christian held on for third in 20.61, edging Jamaican Christopher Williams and American Rodney Martin, a sub-20 man this season, who each clocked 20.66.

Brian Dzingai of Zimbabwe, who was fourth in the Olympics, was never a factor here, and finished sixth (20.88).

Bob Ramsak for the IAAF

Source: IAAF

Watch the video here:

& here’s Stephan’s win at the 200m Zagreb Grand Prix in Croatia which allowed him to qualify for the Stuttgart final.


Of course, the “big boys” like Usain Bolt, Shawn Crawford, Walter Dix & Wallace Spearmon weren’t there, but nevertheless Stephan Buckland did an incredible performance to beat the likes of Brian Dzingai, Christopher Williams & Rodney Martin. Long live Buckland! & I hope he gets a hero’s welcome like Bruno Julie back home! :P

More photos coming up as they get uploaded… :)

P.S. – Totally unrelated but check out what retards in Mauritius are doing to animals -

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