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Feb 26, 2009

Orange ADSL Prices PRECISION: These new offers are only for Orange ADSL users, not My.T
No official announcements have been made by Orange concerning My.T or Orange ADSL. However, Mr Krishna Oolun from ICTA has confirmed that My.T prices will also decrease very soon…

It was in the morning that the Minister of ICT announced these new prices, which will be applied as from this Sunday, the 1st March 2009. Read more on Le Mauricien. (Btw there seems to be lot of things happening on the 1st March? – by-election, no smoking & drinking, Carling Cup final & now this!)

Old offers
- 128Kbps 1G | Rs 650 | 1GB
- 128Kbps | Rs 750 | FUP
- 512Kbps | Rs 1360 | FUP

New offers
- 256Kbps 3G | Rs 434 | 3GB
- 512Kbps | Rs 750 | FUP
- 1Mbps | Rs 1360 | FUP

In short, most of the offers had their connection speed doubled, while the cheapest one, the 128K 1GB, was bumped to 256K with an increased bandwidth of 3GB. No information has been released about whether there’ll be unlimited 128K or 256K offers.

For ADSL Pro users, no increase in connection speed, but 256K 2GB is now 3GB with the price at Rs 800 instead of Rs 950. & 512K 4GB goes from Rs 1540 to Rs 1300 with bandwidth at 5GB.

No mention of My.T! I wonder what Orange are cooking up? Will the speed double as well or else… is that the spectre of the FUP looming behind? So far everyone has been spared from its scythe… do you know anyone who got FUPed???

The Bottom Line
It turned out my predictions were wrong – the price decreases or speed hikes depending on how you choose it – were more considerable than expected. ADSL users should be pretty happy by now (with that 1Mbps!). But I’m still unconvinced. While we may be topping in Africa, we are still pretty much far behind the rest of the world. Blame it on our location, being cut-off & having only one submarine fibre cable. But there’s a small candle at the end of the tunnel – EASSY which will (hopefully) come into operation next year, in time for the 2010 WC.


Update: My.T speeds double!!!
Current My.T offers have seen their speed increase by twofold while two new offers has also been introduced which includes additional TV channels, cheaper international call rates & access to more than 500 VOD programmes.  Note that the 1Mbps offer has been upgraded to 2Mbps!!! Wow! Read the official announcement by Orange here. (Thanks to Anonymous for the news!)

Old offers
- 256Kbps | Rs 750 | FUP
- 512Kbps | Rs 1360 | FUP
- 1Mbps | Rs 2740 | FUP

New offers
- 512Kbps | Rs 750 | FUP (current users only)
- 1Mbps | Rs 1360 | FUP (current users only)
- 2Mbps | Rs 2740 | FUP
- 512Kbps (+ 15 TV channels) | Rs 999 (VAT incl.) | FUP
- 1Mbps (+ 15 TV channels) | Rs 1699 (VAT incl.) | FUP
There’s a difference of around Rs 135 between the new offers.

Btw all existing My.T users will have a free trial of the new TV channels for 3 months, after which they can decide whether to apply for the new offers. & most of the TV channels won’t be available on the 1st March – they’ll be added regularly with all 15 channels expected to go on “air” by 15 April 2009.

Ex-512K users should be rejoicing right now with pretty decent “broadband” connection! Plus there’s also the 2Mbps connection on local servers, i.e. Akamai.
I’m pretty much satisfied. However there’s still one nagging question that’ll be bothering many users - What about the FUP??? Will it be applied more stringently now that  the tubes may get clogged more often? This is mere speculation, but we can only hope such a situation never arises…

Update 2: 5:00AM on 01/03/2009

The much-awaited speed double... Notice that there are a new set of IPs, namely 41.136.XXX.XXX

Update 3: Fair Usage Policy
What I was fearing is looking now more likely to happen. Check the My.T 2Mbps offer - it says the usage allowance is UNLIMITED. Yeah, totally unlimited, no FUP.
Reading between the lines, I can assume that... from now on, the FUP will be applied more strictly! :(

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Anonymous said...

Maybe MyT users will get double bandwidth too. Personally, I would love having 1Mbit/s at home. But this needs to be coupled with a substantial increase in fair usage allowance so that I can listen to streaming radio and watch YouTube for hours everyday :-)

Anonymous said...

You already have VoD. :P Maybe there will be a small increase in prices but more services. - Like addons to the current MyT packages. [Speculation]

Maybe the new DSL packages will be subjected to true FUP. So far, MyT users have not been FUPped. Have they?

I, for one, await for Emtel to add more features to its package.

I suggest that MyT users stick with MyT @ least for a while. Gather all data from Orange ADSL subscribers and if it's worth shifting, do it.

ROFLMAO @ the goat/turtle picture. So true! This picture shall be the emblem of The Bandwidth Fighters :P

carrotmadman6 said...

I'm looking forward to a switch from 256k to 512k! *Yay* :D

Very few people use VOD. Perhaps that's why Orange is taking its time - increasing the prices for the added services with My.T?

For the FUP, AFAIK no one has been FUPed yet. But I dread that henceforth Orange will take FUP very seriously! :(

Anonymous said...

I am a myT user. and sincerely.. i do no expect anything from them. nor doubling speed.. nor halfing of price...

I may endup old and 2 new PC's and a laptop... and stil sharing my myT 256 connection...

Anonymous said...

Huh...anything about Nomad please? :S

carrotmadman6 said...

Can Nomad afford to move from 128k to 512k?? At this rate, they'll file for bankruptcy very soon... :)

Anonymous said...

To be frank, I am glad Mauritius Telecom have considered retiring its 7-year old 128K plan. After a good 3 years with this miserably slow connection, now it's high time for me to taste 512K which alas Singapore first tasted in the year...2000

That's the bitter truth of living in such an isolated island.


Anonymous said...

Well at least something is moving now. I am waiting to see what other providers will offer to have a comparison. Like so many I was used to having super fast cable modem connection back in Europe, so I am looking for a reasonable offer.

Anonymous said...

myT aussi pou baisser ban zen... tou saki ena myT 256 apartir le 1march zot pou gagne myT orange for more info... myT 512+channels li pou Rs999..sans sa ban chaines la li pou Rs832 parla...pareil pou ban ceki ena myt 512..apatir le 1 march zot pou gagne myt 1M..saki ena 1M pou gagne 2M

carrotmadman6 said...

Thanks a lot! :D

Anonymous said...

Nice... But im worried about the FUP... just like other heavy downloaders..

i hope they don't "cheat" on us.. e.g give us more speed and decrease the bandwidth... or something like that...

Anonymous said...

well i had adsl home 512kpbs till 4pm to-day.
After i had reset my modem,i saw that my line changed from 512kbps to 1024 kbps and my upload speed from 128kbps to 256 kbps.
I also noticed that i got the 1024kbps speed only on local websites.
I downloaded a 6MB file on the ncb website in only 40-45 s..

i just hope that i get that speed on international website on sunday.

carrotmadman6 said...

Try the Akamai-hosted sites. Should get 1Mbps as well. :)

Anonymous said...

A carrot your right!!!

i'm getting that 1mbps speed on akamai!!!!

i think its time to test windows seven ;)

Anonymous said...

Here is a screenshot to show that my ADSL 512kbps changed to 1 mbps..

well normally, since i have adsl home package, my speed should not have doubled? right?????

carrotmadman6 said...

No, it should but not now, rather on Sunday. The double speed is for both My.T & ADSL. :)

ashfaqblog said...

i would prefer keep my 256 and have the same price, than having 512 and having to pay for downloading more than 1gb or 2gb !!
do you think we will have to pay for browsing for more than 1 or 2gb ??
furthermore, the decoder is sooo lame and the channels too, i prefer use my own tnt box !
all that is jus effet dannonce, the government wanted to have a decrease in internet prices for myt too.. and here's wat we have !! ..
increase in speed and no decrease in price !!
they taking us for stupid ??

Anonymous said...

great news!

Anonymous said...

MyT speed double! ADSL prices fall! Isn't this some kind of demented dream?!

I hope not! I can tell you that my speed has not yet doubled. I am still stuck with my 512K speeds, and less than 10GB downloaded for the month of Feb. I hope I get 1Mbps soon! :P

Seriously, it's kind of fun, but as Morinn said on my blog, there must be a catch.

You can read my theories on how you can get double speed for the same price here:

@Carrot: Counter-spamming! :P

I agree with Carrot above. FUP will be taken very seriously, and this is my main theory. And we still don't know about the limits before FUP gets applied. I hope they are high... ~20GB would be ok for 1Mbps, right?

Btw Kurt, nothing for Nomad. But I think they must be reeealllyy pi$5ed off now! :P

Anonymous said...

It's InF again! I noticed that my 512K just went to 1Mbps! 90-95KBps download speeds registered.

2 word to say: OMFG! AMAZING!

Ps. Sorry for the double comments. Carrot, you can merge if you want.

carrotmadman6 said...

Up to now, we don't pay anything more if we download more than X GB, but on Sunday there MAY be a new FUP!!! & btw that MBC limits were a mistake! :(
Yeah, I would agree it's not really a decrease in price since they scrapped off the 128K & 256K offers.

Woohoo! As I've said above, there MAY indeed be a new FUP on Sunday, but cross your fingers!

5:23AM - 28/02/2009
I'm "feeling" my connection to be fast...
But it's not that fast, according to - ;)

Anonymous said...

INF are you getting the 1 Mbps speed on interntional servers??? youtube etc...

I'm just getting that 1024 kpbs speed on local websites.

Anonymous said...


How did you reset your modem to double your connection? Was it something that should have been taken care by MT?
Thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

normally Mt should be the one who doubles the connection..

if you have a sagem fast modem then just click on the reset button:

Anonymous said... I'm just wondering, since we didn't heard about any upgrade of MT's network or bandwidth on the SAFE but is now offering twice speed to everyone. and about that so mysterious unknown FUP that will be more strict. I've come to only one logical explanation.

(lets take an example)
If the FUP was around 10GB for MyT256. Now that you got 512kpbs you'll be downloading more or watching more video on youtube. thus increase the probability for you to reach that limit in less than a month.(you are only human, don't worry) So MT will apply strict control on FUP and reduce your speed for the next month. you will then be getting less than 512k and might be around 250-300k. So thats back to your original 256k line.
Get the point?
You're be still paying the same price and then be still getting around 250k. but its just for one month you had the chance to go "woohoo!! I have 512k woohoo!!"
MT didnt change anything. Juste un effet d'announce comme on le pratique si bien ici bas.

[a little joke off topic]
They once removed some speed breakers(because of a president visit). On previous months they also introduced speed cameras. {speed breakers removed+speed cameras= busted for speeding.=money to put back the speed breakers.}

haha. have a good laugh my fellow citizens..

carrotmadman6 said...

I wouldn't be that pessimistic... I say let's wait & watch.
& btw MT are currently upgrading their network, by linking the DSLAMs with fibre. ;)

Anonymous said...

@Jens: I was downloading from Mediafire (international) at 100KBps yesterday. Was leeching off manga. :P

My router reports 1020 down and 253 up. Speedtest reports around 800 up and 200 something down. That was a South African server. Kenya was 657/48. Kind of weird for the upload.

I heard about the upgrading the network with optical fibres. But I never heard it officially. May be just me.

But as most of you above have said. We don't get 2x speed for free. There must be a catch. And as suggested by most: get ready for the capping! The part of the speed that will be shaved off your connection goes to "light downloaders". A single problem: define "light downloader". :P

Anonymous said...

MT is currently upgrading everything (international and local). Sit back and watch

Anonymous said...

@ carrotmadman6 u said MT is linking the DSLAMs with fibre..where did u get this info? can we have some precision please?

carrotmadman6 said...

Quoting from Orange's announcement:
"Grâce à d’ambitieux investissements dans les câbles sous-marins (3) et dans le développement du réseau terrestre d’autre part (4)...

(4) Déploiement du FTTC ou Fiber To The Cabinet"

& they are currently installing fibre on the Terre Rouge/Triolet road. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, no major change in my connection although the line changed to 1 MBps i would not get that speed on international websites..

let just hope hope that the MT guys fix that tomorrow even though that i don't think that they work on sunday..
last speed test done at 4 pm to-day..
Last Result:
Download Speed: 512 kbps (64 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 194 kbps (24.3 KB/sec transfer rate)
Latency: 351 ms

my upload speed improved considerable from 14 KB/s to 27/28 KB/s on rapidshare

Anonymous said...

@Jens: Try a direct download from somewhere. Some site that is not Akamai cached. And not a file from Rapidshare or the likes. Try a software download from an author's site. Or a linux distro or something.

Then see what download speed you are getting.

Don't just test via Speedtest or other bandwidth test softwares.

Anonymous said...

My old myt 256 got changed to myt 512 since 1 o'clock this 1st march...speed : varies from 42 to 72? WTF????????

Anyone has myt 512 here??? whats your upload speed guys????

speedtest results:

download : 504kpbs
upload : 64kpbs-----> is that normal?

carrotmadman6 said...

My speed is varying between 58 to 64, average being 60.

As for the upload, I think there's a problem. Sometimes I'm getting 128K instead of 256K.

Anonymous said...

u too have myt 512 carrotmadman6?

Do u use torrent?

Anonymous said...

Downloading a file from a download site.

At first I was getting only 10 KB/s.Then remembered my torrent was on (isn't it always?), switched it off and my speed climbed to 25-28KB/s

YESSssssssssssssss...internet here I come!

Anonymous said...

My connection just got changed to a better speed but there are some strange things thats happening now

1. Google is recognising my location as spain
2. Speedtest says i am in spain


Anonymous said...

well speed remained 512kpbs on sites like, youtube, mediafire etc..
As i have a rs premium a/c, i should get full speed but that is not the case.

carrotmadman6 said...

Yes, I now have My.T 512k.
I don't use torrents coz it sucked on the 256k, but now I guess it should be much better now.

& i'm being recognised as being in UK!! :P

I'm getting full speed on RS premium.

Anonymous said...

Are there anyone who uses ADSL Home package (not myt) experiencing same speed as me???
My download speed will not not get beyond 60-62 KB/s on international servers..
I guess i should wait a bit more.

Anonymous said...

@ sailesh
google says im in UK. :p

now with MyT 512k but upload is around 60-70Kbps. Thats ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

me says i'm in uk..looooooool..

at carrotmadman6..torrent did not suck on myt dl speed was about 30KB/s n even sometimes 72KB/s if I get some local peers..

But for myt 512 there's a problem..what do u put the upload speed in utorrent? I'm quite confused..

Anonymous said...

by the way did anyone get new channels on myT?

Anonymous said...

@ overclocking, your upload should now be 256 :D

carrotmadman6 said...

Took me hours to get to full speed on torrents. :(
That's why I prefer
It seems that no one is having the same upload speed - some are getting 64k, 128k & 256k. :S

Check the available channels here - LES CHAINES MyT.
Completely uninteresting. :(

Anonymous said...

hey guys it seems that there is no 1MBps package for adsl home (but why has my line changed to 1024 kbps),

this may explain why i am getting download speed of 512 kbps on international servers.

It seems also that there is no decrease in the price of the 512 kbps package ..

Anonymous said...

I'm being detected as being in Spain n my connection is resetting almost everytime. F*ck u orange

carrotmadman6 said...

I'm now in Spain as well... :(

Anonymous said...

My Google News page is defaulted to the 'Australian' locale each time. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Im just happy with the good speed!
google says im in mauritius and im using myT lol

wassim said...

yeh im get it from london

Anonymous said...

..Im 'in' UK. my neighbor next door have been teleported to Spain. as some of my friends. MT can do that??? !!:p lol
I want to be teleported to Australia too. Parenka if u'r in Australia, don't go out there's a fire :)
who else is in UK? can meet up.

Anonymous said...

anyone phoned orange to ask some answers for this problem?

Anonymous said...

Hey carrot tell me smthing.... yupri was using the adsl 128... not myt.. i mean the old adsl mem... has she also increase? and to which speed?

Anonymous said...

By the way, something scary crossed my mind.

As you probably noticed, most people are totally abusing their new connection speed. Most of you are mass-downloading and leeching off stuff from the Internet.

I think this is going to act as a benchmark for Orange. How Internet users are going to react. If they see a sudden surge in downloads, they are probably going to catch all the heavy users at once, then decide if capping needs to be applied or not.

Since most people are heavily downloading now, I guess this means capping is going to be required for them to manage the surge in traffic on the network.

What do you people think about this?

carrotmadman6 said...

Yeah, 128k -> 512k

I was always thinking along the same line, wondering why some people aren't getting their speed doubled? Then I thought maybe Orange are benchmarking how much bandwidth X amount of users are using & then apply the FUP accordingly.
So the mot d'ordre should be - FOLKS, STOP DOWNLOADING!!! :S

Anonymous said...

You guys are NEVER HAPPY. We are not monitoring your downloads. Everyone is tired here and getting some rest as it's been a hectic month :P

Here's the migration for existing subs:

128K 1GB -> 256K 3GB (33% less on rental)
128K -> 512K (at same rental)
512K -> 1M (at same rental)

256K -> 512K (at same rental)
512K -> 1M (at same rental)
1M -> 2M (at same rental)

All MyT have TV for free during 3 months (the channels are building up to to reach 15 by mid-April)

Anonymous said...

hey guys look at this
someone is getting a weird speed..

btw the selfcare page seems to be offline

carrotmadman6 said...

LOL We're paranoids... :P

I did some downloading from Akamai & it's still 2Mbps...

Anonymous said...

The orange has come but I ask to myself when it will ripen o_O

To Sabrina: The orange'ju is sour...we wana a sweet orange'ju(thats when we'll be happy)

Anonymous said...

@ sabrina

Can you explain to me why my speed on international servers will no get beyond 505-512 kbps, even though my adsl connection went from 512 kbps to 1024 kbps???

Vi Naturae said...

did u guys check out the new myt channels, they really do suck...

if they 11 others aren't any better... there's no way i am paying for that crap.

anyway, i still have trouble with my speeds, i am still getting 256 down and (LOL) 256 up... WTF??

btw i have myt home 256

any 1 having the same problem?

ashfaqblog said...

i will happily return their tnt decoder !! which is just good for nothing !! .. even with their stupid tv channels !! .. goood for nothing either !! ..

ashfaqblog said...

btw... can u gimme the link to the website for akamai .. where can u download frmo akamai server ??

carrotmadman6 said...

There's a list of Akamai hosted websites here.

Anonymous said...

Sabrina is right guys (and gals). Would you please stop complaining for a little while and enjoy the additional speed? (While there is no capping on yet! :P)

Btw, Sabrina, you seem to be with Orange. Can you explain what FUP (Fair Usage Policy) means? After what limit is the FUP applied? Can you give the detailed limits for each connection (ADSL/MyT) in GB's plz?

Thanks in adv.

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm just realising that anyone can impersonate me and write any comments they want...and you guys are worried about FUP !

Anonymous said...


The million-dollar question, like is there life after death, does God exist, what is the FUP?

Since I have answers to all three, but you seem to prefer an answer to the last one: FUP has always been there, in the old ADSL TnCo, hidden somewhere in the dark confines

Fair Usage Policy are for those downloading the internet 24/7 (alas me) and clogging the pipes so that the rest of the people on the pipe get crappy speeds anytime they get on the internet. (BTW, I live on a farm so I don't have this problem). Not really fair that everyone is paying the same price but some are really abusing.. it's like sitting on the bus next to someone who's paying the same as you but has a weight problem and you get to sit half-way hanging in the air... now how would you like sitting like that for ever?

I'm taking this e.g. cos some of you didn't like the lorry example. And I guess most of us traveling on public transport have endured this and we relate better. LOL

Now you'd say build bigger seats..hey but that costs we say..hey lose some weight..or else if you would like to carry on eating your dholl-puris then move to another seat just for yourself

And then I could say: hey coz you are so f*t (hum, wait that could read fit or fat..), travel later at night when there's no one in the bus, so you can sit on a whole seat and even prop your feet up

This reads as ambiguous as an answer to the first 2 questions doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

for you lucky guys getting teleported all over the place: forwarded this problem to the Network guys. We had been allocated a new range of IPs by Afrinic that were being wrongly geo-referenced by Google as in Spain and UK.

Problem resolved with the Google guys, so no more teleporting for you lot

thanks Johnny ;-)

Anonymous said...

How's living on a farm make u not have this problem sabrina?

carrotmadman6 said...

The way the FUP is applied also depends on your location.

I've heard of a guy who was warned several times, bcoz whenever he downloaded massively, all the other users in the region could hardly access the Internet.

Anonymous said...

OMG i'm being forced to use dialup connection to check my mail.

My adsl connection has been down since yesterday at 5pm.
MT won't accept my login details why???? (the login details are good!)
Are MT blocking me??
Phone the MT guys to told them the matter at about 9.30 am and they took my mobile number.

Till now i'm waiting for their call;)

Anonymous said...

on location? In which region was this guy living cmd6?

carrotmadman6 said...

I think it was Floreal...

carrotmadman6 said...

On 3rd March 2008, as from 18:00...

My My.T 512k is superfreakingsloowwwww - it's like 64k. I can't even do a speedtest. Downloaded a file at 3KB/s from Yahoo.
I seriously don't understand what's happening... the network is clogged already!?!?!

Pinging resulted in 100% packet loss.


carrotmadman6 said...

Resetting the livebox, flushing the dns didn't do anything.

Finally when I switched to OpenDNS, the speed jumped. Turned out there is a problem with MT's DNS servers.

Only downside is that I can no longer get 2Mbps on Akamai sites... :)

ashfaqblog said...

@sabrina - ur little story was nice for marketing mt products.. this still didnt tell us the capacity we can downlaod using myt 512( newly ) without being FUPped !..
waiting for ur answer eagerly plz :S

Anonymous said...

@Sabrina: Hey! You evaded my question! No fair! To put it simply, define how much weight that f*t person needs to lose!

I wanted to know exactly how much GB's we are allowed to download before we get capped (that is, our connection speed goes down). This was still not answered.

Second, you say "or else if you would like to carry on eating your dholl-puris then move to another seat just for yourself". Is this possible? Can I go to an uncapped connection? Cuz the number of ISPs are limited in Mauritius. Read: buses are limited!

Finally, "And then I could say: hey coz you are so f*t (hum, wait that could read fit or fat..), travel later at night when there's no one in the bus, so you can sit on a whole seat and even prop your feet up". Does this mean there is no capping at night?

I know I am annoying as hell, but thanks for clarifications! :)

Anonymous said...

guys are you sure that MT proposes ASDL 1 Mbps in its adsl home package??
I can't find adsl 1mbps on their application form there is only 256 kpbs and 512 kbps.

As i'm still unable to connect to the internet with my adsl connection, i'm thinking of taking adsl 1Mbps on another line, hoping that my problem will be solved.
i'm fed up of calling on 8900, they don't call you back..

Anonymous said...

Many MyT users are complaining about NO internet access at night.Wonder if myT is unable to cater for everyone

Anonymous said...

@ cmd6 - How did u switch to opendns?

carrotmadman6 said...

I was getting that problem last night. Once I switched to OpenDNS, it went back to normal. It seems that MT's DNS servers are getting overloaded.

Here's how to switch to OpenDNS
- for XP
- for Vista
- other OSes


I would recommend anyone experiencing speed problems to switch to OpenDNS. The only downside is that you'll no longer get 2Mbps speed on Akamai-hosted websites.

Anonymous said...

let me ask you lot the question:

what to you would be a fair volume usage on a MyT 512K, 1M or 2M ??

i calc mine (in terms of series downloaded + some surf, some music..)

but then i don't do gaming or download loads of software..or watch youtube,etc..I don't think you can do gaming at 512K?

just a quick survey

Anonymous said...

@CM6: Your post is getting huge number of comments. It's like your blog became a forum! :P

@Jens: I guess the 1Mbps is not available as an offer, just a migration for existing 512Mbps. Sabrina mentioned that on my blog. I guess someday in the future, it might become an offer. Don't really know...

Hell, I sure did a good thing taking that 512K! :P

carrotmadman6 said...

Theoretically, on 512K you use up to 5GB per day (24h)!!! That's 150GB per month!!! :|

No one can download 24/7/30!!! :P
I can estimate the average volume will be between 30-50GB (YouTube, tv shows, couple of movies & some music)

Damn lucky to get an "exclusive" offer... :D

Anonymous said...

last night when i phoned 8900,

i inquired about my first problem i.e. why i wasn't getting a speed beyond 505-512 kbps on international servers.
The agent asked me if i downloaded beaucoup, if so i'm being fupped!!!!
last month i did 41 G.B
then >40G.B on 512k, you have a risk of being fupped.

concerning my second problem, i'm still without adsl connection and i'm still waiting for their call.

ashfaqblog said...

@sabrina - do you actually know the capacity that someone can download before being FUPped or NOT ??
The question has been asked many times and till now you have not yet answered to that and that's our main concern. plz do answer to it so that we can have our minds free. Because, say i have an important business meeting online, i would prefer not to download a lot for a week and keep my internet connection safe for my business meeting which is very important.So, in that case, plz let us know what is the max capacity usage before being FUPped such that we can take our precautions.

Anonymous said...

Cool !!!!!! i'm able to connect to the internet!!

i'm getting full speed to.
Thanks Sabrina!

latest speed test:
download speed: 805kbps
upload speed: 174kbpS!!!


carrotmadman6 said...

That's still not 1Mbps. But much better than 512K. :)

Anonymous said...


latest speed tests done on speakeasy:
ist test Last Result:
Download Speed: 1000 kbps (125 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 199 kbps (27 KB/sec transfer rate)

2nd test:
Last Result:
Download Speed: 877 kbps (109.6 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 196 kbps (24.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

Anonymous said...

One thing i've noticed!
my ip no longer start with 196.XX.......
but with 41.XXX.XXX.XX

i'm getting the ip of my.t users?

Anonymous said...

@carrotmadman6 you are not serious! As for downloading 24/7, I was doing it once and burnt my motherboard. You never get 512K 24/7, certainly not during peak hours, that's why we always say up to 512Kbps.


you do business meetings online on a home line?


If you are using your internet for important web confs, then I'd suggest a business line. The Business 256K Unlimited starts at Rs 1,600 (VAT exc.)

Anonymous said...

@Jens: I get those IPs too. But I do get the 196.x ones from time to time. I used to get the 41.x ones too even before the speed boost.

Btw, you coined a new word: "fupped". As in "Oh no! I just got fupped!!" lolz..

@CM6: What exclusive offer? Didn't you have 512 too?

@Sabrina: Something is not clear though. Newspapers (Le Mauricien) said that the 1Mbps offer would be at Rs.1340+VAT. What happened for it to be an exclusive offer? Was it taken off the list?

carrotmadman6 said...

No, I switched from ADSL 128K to My.T 256K last year.

One thing I've learnt about newspapers - always take whatever they publish with a grain of salt. :P

Anonymous said...

@ cmm6 : so TRUE. we are in the papers everyday and it's total MT-bashing. funny that when nomad users get very crappy speeds, no one goes to the papers. don't believe EVERYTHING you read in the papers.

@ InF:
seems like everyone else was intent on marketing our new prices and even announcing a launch date before we ever had the chance to

as it happens they got both wrong..and we had to make at least one right

you can get MyT 1M at Rs 1,699 (VAT inc.) with (Livebox+STB+Sezam+TV) if you want

Anonymous said...

for utorrent

configure ur port with 51339-working fine with my.t 512 n dun forget to open serveur lan on the livebox settings with the same prot port number.

u torrent sholud work fine

Anonymous said...

What do you think about the new MyT channels?

Current channel listing: CNN, NDTV Good Times, France O, France 2(Since Yesterday), France 5, NDTV Profit, CCTV F, Soundtrack Channel, Hungama, Liberty TV, Fashion TV

Coming soon(not 100% sure): Orange Sport, TCM(Cinema), Boomerang(Kids), Gulli(Kids)

carrotmadman6 said...


CNN, France 2/5 - ok.
NDTV Good Times - available on TNT.
NDTV Profit - if you're interested in India business.
The rest = crap.

TCM - Shows classic B/W movies. o_O
Boomerang - ok (Tom & Jerry, Looney Tunes)
Gulli - ok (Lucky Luke, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokémon)

Is it worth Rs 135? If you're a kid, YES! Otherwise, NO! :P

ashfaqblog said...

CNN, France 2/5 - trooo nice sa.. i am loving it ! lolz
"TCM - Shows classic B/W movies" thers something called soundtrack .. i fink sameme TCM la sa ! .. bein li pa black n white la .. lolz.. sa osi parette nice ..

Now to be honest.. i damn hate the MyT tnt fing.. but wiz france 2 and cnn !! sa change kan meme..
However, i will give myself sometimes.. because i hate the tnt myt because of its slowliness to connect me to tv channels.. i prefer use my own tnt box for watching tv.. but if the connection lag is off.. i mite reconsider using it ! ..

Unknown said...

Hello, anyone here using ADSL connection experiencing the IP reset, can someone tell if a router would help preventing connection loss during that IP reset please?

carrotmadman6 said...

Not even a router can prevent the connection loss during the IP reset. It's done directly at the MT's servers.

Anonymous said...

MyT suck!! Downloading @ 8 kpbs international. Need another Internet Service Provider in Mauritius please help

carrotmadman6 said...

Try using download managers. Sometimes, I need up to 5 downloads in parallel to get a decent speed on My.T. :S

Anonymous said...

Can some1 plz help??i just installed myt at home, evrything was just fine but since yesterday am no longer receiving the additional channels offered in the myt package. am receiving tnt btw.


carrotmadman6 said...

Make sure that the ethernet cable is connected to the livebox & the TV sur IP is activated on :)

ashfaqblog said...

You should call them to tell them you want to get the additional channels and surement you will need to go and sign some papers !! lolz hahaha

dragon said...

Hi, I need some advice on my installation. I am going to subscribe to ADSL 512. I am told that I will receive a modem that has both USB and Ethernet connections. Is it true?
Second, I also have an adsl-2/wireless router and another wireless router only. The MT salesman told me that the modem they supply is free, so I might as well take their modem.
which is best to use?

1: Wireless router via ethernet to MT modem

2: Wireless ADSL2 router only

ashfaqblog said...

The ethernet he was talking about, is ethernet connection on the modem of MT .. u can connect ur wireless router to the MT modem .. or connect a router to the modem of MT .. but it depends how many connections u really need !! ..
there are 3 connections on the MT modem/router, + a wireless connection, if u need more connections, then u can use an external router from the ethernet ;)

carrotmadman6 said...

Yes. the modem you'll receive (probably something like a Sagem F@st 800) is free.

If you're going for the wireless ADSL2 router, you'll need MT's ADSL settings for it to work properly. :)

dragon said...

thanks both for the quick reply.

Anonymous said...

hi ... help me out!!!!!!!! my downloading speed on myt 512/kps is slowing down...this make vry nervous... so Mt do u have a limite on downloading....le debit descendent e 5,8,12,18(kps) instead of 60-64kps...

carrotmadman6 said...

Hi, everyone is having the same problem. Hopefully, it'll be fixed today. :)

Anonymous said...

Please help, Need connection setting for Orange usb modem. please post ze setting those who have..thanks

Anonymous said...

Internet in mauritius is simply bullshit

Vampiro said...


ADSL 1 Mbps (priced at Rs 1360 per month) has been scrapped by Mauritius Telecom.
So those wishing to enjoy the same speed on MyT will have to disburse an incredible Rs 1699 - an offer which boasts 15 worthless channels.

As we can see, prices are going up rather than down.
Thank u very much Orange Mauritius!

ashley said...

512kbps = kilobits per second.speed in kiloBITS
Data/storage in kiloBYTES

512kbps =512*0.122 approx 62.5KB = kiloBYTES/s

Harry said...

Does anyone know if it's possible to use a third party router? Like Netgear instead of the livebox?

carrotmadman6 said...

Yeah, my.T uses: PPOE, VPI:8 VIC:35 DNS:,

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