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Jul 26, 2007


Now that I’ve read the Deathly Hallows twice… my final verdict is that it’s great book. There couldn’t have been a better way to finish this book. My first impression when I started the book was that the story was pathetic, but as the plot unfurled itself, I got engrossed in the action until the final chapters brought me back to real life… With a sinking feeling I realised that Harry Potter was ending. JK Rowling kept us under Harry’s spell for 15 years, & now I’m really sad it’s all over. I wonder if there will ever be any other book that will rouse such passions, unite fans from all over the world and even rekindle the pleasure of reading in children. Harry Potter is truly an epic story…

However it’s not perfect.
Yes, Deathly Hallows is indeed a great story but has many flaws. The first thing that comes to light are the plot holes. JK Rowling contradicts herself in many situations. Deathly Hallows was supposed to be the book where everything was to be explained, but there are still questions that haven’t been answered, happenings that haven’t been explained & most importantly very little was elaborated on other characters. She tried saying lots of things in a few words, so loads of events weren’t properly described.

For example, we still don’t know what ancient magic Lily used to give such a powerful protection to Harry. What did Harry’s parents do for a living? What happened to the rest of the characters(everyone including Neville)? What really happened to Harry when he made the voyage to heaven? As for the Elder wand, I’ve the theory that when Voldemort tried to kill Harry for the first time, the Elder wand recognised its owner & so couldn’t kill him & instead killed Voldemort’s soul inside Harry! (I still don’t understand how Voldemort’s blood connection made Harry stay alive)

There are certain situations that are simply too stupid to be mentioned… (there are too many of them to mention… but..) Ron imitating Parseltongue, Accio Hagrid, Are you a wizard or not?, the way Voldemort calmly takes over the Ministry!(as if Dumbledore was a superhero & now that he’s dead, everything goes chaos), Accio All-Books-On-Horcruxes-From-Dumbledore’s-Library, the way Hermione remembers everything everywhere, first-touch-Snitch, V*ld*m*rt Taboo!!

The plot is too simple… in fact I would say it’s Bollywood-ish sometimes. Everyone is one another’s friends, cousin & relatives… But I preferred the pace at which the book was going at the middle and at the end. It seemed totally different from JK Rowling(complex schemes, curiosity & heavy descriptions), rather more like Dan Brown(the riddles, the unexpected twists after twists).

Another major drawback was that JK Rowling wanted book 7 to be the summary of all events, places visited & people mentioned in book 1 to 6. Turned out to be a real disaster. Clichés in every few paragraphs, endless reminiscences & useless recaps. I guess 90% of Harry Potter fans had already read book 1 to 6 before taking on book 7… so what’s the use of wasting all these words.

I’ll refrain from further criticism or otherwise this post will go on & on. However we should take into account that JK Rowling was quite emotionally disturbed when writing this book.(Imagine being very happy & very sad at the same time) So we can forgive some of her mistakes... Personally I think book 7 should have been expanded into 2 books, no matter what the length, to make it a perfect ending (like JRR Tolkien).
Nevertheless, i can confidently say that movie 7 will be by far the best movie in the Harry Potter series. The book is fashioned like a movie script & there are massive action scenes.

Voldemort is dead… Harry, Ron & Hermione are alive & all was well… :D

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Anonymous said...

totally agree with you mate.
The book is actually excellent, but looks too much like an unrefined product, like if jo rushed it too much (un peu baclé si tu veux)....
i like the book, but the little details are really disturbing.

what struck me most was the fact that till the end Harry sticked to his five or so basic spells (No uber white magic spell, hell it goes as far as making expelliarmus his signature move!!!! and of course its his final move vs. voldemort...) haha would he have the guts to avada kedavra voldemort if the spell hadn`t rebounded?
(In my lost version there was one new spell which destroyed evil in the soul of a person, and as vold. was 100% evil it acted like a dementor`s kiss (Heh, thats bad, but still a new spell huh? haha)

enfin, one more thing is accio, if you could really accio about anything like that, why no emphasis was put on this seeming universal magnet spell previously?? (Yeah i thought about that since back when i read the 4th book...)

also, hallows. Dumbledore vs W.hallow, win?? how, when it makes one invincible in duel?? Also, mad eye vs C.hallow, win also?? quite disturbing...

You are right, there are too many little imperfections to be noted. (Hell, i even noticed one more while writing this comment...) Too bad jo made that final cause it could have been so much better.....

enfin, now that i think of it i believe i never really thanked you for keeping me up with HP news and the RS link, thx! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Haha..well now that I am on my second reading..I like it much better and have accepted the carpet book as the real one :D That's the best thing to do to preserve my sanity...

I'm re-reading it's not that bad...all was well...blehh...haha...but like it or hate it, we have to live with it unfortunately! :)

carrotmadman6 said...

Thx for your comments...

No matter what happened, Harry couldn't kill Voldemort since he didn't want to tarnish his soul... In fact he was taunting Voldemort to try & kill him since he already knew that the spell would rebound.(That's why he was calling him Tom Riddle)

Yeah, it's true that the Elder wand doesn't make you invincible as it should be. It just makes you harder to beat in a duel...(that's how Dumbledore won against Grindelwald)

Kyu, you were right that portraits are back-ups since Dumbledore's portrait was still giving advice...(although i think it's only Dumbledore's portrait that is powerful enough to do so)


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