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Jul 19, 2007


Here are two reviews of the Deathly Hallows that I’ve found:,0,2741335.story?coll=bal_tab05_layout

My opinion:


It contains too many spoilers that will ruin your reading experience. (I’m still cursing myself for having read it!!!! Why did they have to release their reviews?? mad)

cry cry cry cry

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Anonymous said...

sorry for you...

hey, i would think you`d stop reading news after the gabriel event :D
Personally that`s what i did, the only HPDH related things i`ve read since then are two fanfics (Which were kind of entertaining when i know its not for real xD ) There was one with dudley as a dark lord wannabe, too f****** hilarious!!

(Some nice points raised in the fanfics too, like what about Draco`s future? (DEATH!! KILL the little bastard! MWAHAHAHA)... ^_^

Also, godric`s hollow, Godric gryffindor, related? If yes what would that imply? Horcrux? in harry`s house?....... or even, could harry be??????? (No forget that last one, worst theory ever... although it would partially explain the parseltongue thing...)

Enfin, la i am isolating myself from anything related to this book until saturday... :D (don`t worry, your blog is an exception) (En plus mo mock exams pankor fini la, mo pas pou alle lire review ki pou demoralise moi xD ...)

carrotmadman6 said...

I didn't know they were reviewing the real thing...i thought it was the fake release. :(
However, thank god, no lasting damage was done since i've already forgotten what they said. :D

I downloaded the fake release via torrents & i only needed a few seconds to realise that it's fake.(I know JKR's writing style too well)
I've read a few fanfics & some of them are quite good.

Oh! I know that rumour too well... Harry is a horcrux!
I've never heard anything more ridiculous than that!! & i've posted my views on this topic on:

Compared to that Harry-is-a-Horcrux, the suggestion that Harry is Gryffindor's Heir is more plausible...
Godric's Hollow might be the place where Godric Gryffindor lived!
I hope it's so, coz then it would be a sort of Gryffindor Heir v/s Slytherin Heir.

& btw 1200 copies of the book have already been delivered by mistake in the US yesterday & i hope someone will scan the book & upload it. :D

Anonymous said...

Yea i`d also prefer harry being the gryffindor heir (Many points in favour of this theory, that`s what i was inferring in my first comment :D ) Thats why i said, if its where godric actually lived, and Albus seemed to think that tom (Yeah i call everyone by their 1st names, shorter ^_^ ) would take horcruxes from the 4 founders, the godric-horcrux could be in godric`s hollow...? enfin...

Hey, now that i think of it, there was no GREAT revelation about lily in book 5 like jkr promised!

haha and last thing, the locked room @ the ministry? Your guess of what it is? i have read many theories, each more ridiculous than the other.

lol Yeah i just read the 1200 copies things, i do hope they ocr it and then rar it under A DIFFERENT NAME else you can be sure the file will just be banned in no time :D

wow, this book really makes lots of noise on the web / blogosphere! :D enfin, :D abon, am going to revise a bit for my last paper tomorrow now,

laterz! :D

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