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Jul 18, 2007


I don’t know if it’s true or not but it seems that Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows has been leaked…
Turned out someone got hold of a copy & photographed it with his phone…
There’s a list of the chapters on Wikipedia, but since anyone can edit the page, it might not be true.


Here are the chapters:

Somewhere in the book,

The Epilogue?


More Info:

I still can’t believe it’s the real Harry Potter but if you want to keep track of the book, here’s the feed:

Even if it’s the real Deathly Hallows, I think I’ll wait for an OCR version… :D

I think it's fake & i think i know why.... Who do you think will go to the extent of printing the different pages & the hard cover? Naturally someone who has access to the different components of the books.... in other words, the publishers!!
Yep, i think the publishers have made this fake leak so that no one else will leak it before the 21st July.

Direct Link:
Check this blog for new links. :-D
On Saturday we'll know whether it's one of the biggest hoax or leak. :-)

News update:
Two Borders employees have quit their job and reveal HP7 plot. Video here.
I haven't checked this yet & i won't either... coz i think this is the real thing. :-(
[from havetoremember]

It's F.A.K.E... don't bother to download. I just needed to read a few lines to know it wasn't the real Deathly Hallows...

Final Update:
Yep, it's the real Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows. The biggest leak of all times...
Download link here.

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Thanks for links...2 years later.

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