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Jul 13, 2007

During my eternal quest for freebies, I’ve come across many sites that pretend to offer free sms but most of the time they never work…
Here are the only sites that I’ve found that offer truly FREE International SMS.

Callwave SMS (beta)

Callwave allows you to send 10 one-part sms per day for International users. For US, it’s unlimited. Requires registration & phone activation.
I prefer Callwave over other services since it provides you with a desktop widget for Windows Sidebar, Yahoo Widgets & Dashboard. (Callwave have just updated their service with Visual Voicemail but before that you could send up to 5 5-part sms per day!).

Click here for web interface.


Wadja is a mobile community like Facebook. However, Wadja also allows you to send free sms to your friends. (I don’t how many sms you can send… but I think it’s unlimited)
Requires registration & phone activation. Register at does not require any registration but the number of international carriers is limited. (for e.g. you have only Emtel for Mauritius)
Edit: Emtel users can still use the Emtelfun website to send up to 5 sms to Emtel numbers only.
Requires registration.
Thanks to Yashvin for the tip.

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Yashvin said...

nice find out.

u can add emtel kwepe site which allows u to send free sms if u have kwepe :D

chrispancho said...

Another free service you can try out that sends text is called Jott ( What jott you dial from your cell phone their 1-877 number, say who you want to jott, speak, then hang up! The recipient (and you if you set it up that way) gets a transcribed copy of your voiced message AND an option to hear the audio. Not only that, they (and you) get an email with the same! It's pretty handy...try it out!

Neelesh said...

Nice compilation. Are they really free???

carrotmadman6 said...

Yep, totally free!

(Otherwise, i wouldn't have posted them) :P

Anonymous said...

follow this link for 30 free sms evryday.

Anonymous said...

by the way i checked the websites u listed above,great work..
callwave is not registering for people outside the us and canada.

wadja works but not evrytime,it takes a whole lot of time and sometimes doesnot even go.i will try to contact the admin and ask him why... works but only for emtel,although some orange numbers starting by 70xxxxx could work and you can send 15 sms evryday,if you have multi ip,you can cheat through it...

i found another website,,it gives u 1 free sms on sing up and then to be able to send more sms you must sing up for some advertising and then you get more sms.

most of my friends use orange,so i always search for the best free sites...


great work carrotmadman6,keep it up.

carrotmadman6 said...


It's a long time I haven't tried these free sms sites myself! :P

I should look for new sites & update this post. :D

Btw the only works for a week. ;)

Anonymous said...

who said talksms works only for a week. it works for unlimited time.
get free sms(with ur no. displayed as sender) thru talksms
here is the link

Anonymous said...

dont sign here--here need money to send

Anonymous said...

hi i found this website,could you check if this work or not,am not in mauritius,so really can't check out if its true,it even claims free mms.
could you reply me 2.

carrotmadman6 said...

I tried the site... & I haven't received anything till now... :(

Anonymous said...

ok thanks, the admin is gona hear from me.
cheers dude.

Anonymous said...

Any free websites so that i can send free sms to orange(mtius) from the UK? i've tried some links above bt they r not free. thanks!

carrotmadman6 said...

There's a better way. Try [230number] for sending mail directly to the phone - needs MMS to received the mail. :)

Anonymous said...

try this site

Anonymous said...

no one of those sites work in my country EGYPT

Anonymous said...

i want to send free sms from pakistan to greece.plz tell me a nice website 4 it.

Anonymous said...

i want to send free sms to iraq friends..any well wishers tell me nice free sms sites..very thank full to u plz

Anonymous said...

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