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Dec 12, 2007

I’m sure everyone knows those “Show More” that appears below your Google AdSense ads… which after you click on it, redirects you to a page full of ads that are… not really inviting to click!

However, when I checked my blog today, I saw a very peculiar thing! Arrows under my Google AdSense ads! & when I clicked on the arrows, the ads scrolled! Google have been beta-testing new scrolling ads!

There are two types of scroll arrow, which are not browser dependent.
This new scrolling ads seems so far the best improvement Google have made to those AdSense ads - users will have a greater choice of ads to click upon! (& it has a very nice fade-in/fade-out scroll effect!)

If you don’t see the scrolling ads above or below, check out the video:

More info:
Adsense Testing New 'Slider' Ads
Beta Rotating Ads on Adsense
Google Wants To Show You More Ads

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