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Dec 23, 2007

Nokia PC Phone is an experimental service that gives you a possibility to use your mobile phone with your Web Browser.

You can call, text and manage contacts from your phone.

You can communicate by using Nokia PC Phone with your friends and family even though they don't have the Nokia PC Phone themselves. Your friends are not able to tell the difference whether you are using the Nokia PC Phone or not, because your calls and text messages are actually made from your own Nokia phone.
This is the exact description from the Nokia PC Phone website… So, understood anything? No… nor me either.

So I decided to check out what was behind Nokia Beta Labs’ latest creation…

This is Nokia PC Phone installer. Ok, first thing I’ve noticed is that the software really deserves its Beta status… since the Finnish-to-English translation seems to have been done by Google Translate Beta… (for the PC Phone website as well…)

PC Phone supports both Firefox & IE7, the world’s worst browsers!

Let’s get connected! I prefer using my USB cable rather than my Bluetooth, since it’s less complicated.

Set up complete. Phone connected… let’s move on.

PC Phone wouldn’t work on my first try. I had to kill & restart those processes before it would properly recognise my phone. I was afraid that it would only recognise Symbian 3rd Edition phones only… but it seems to work with all S60 phones.

This is Nokia PC Phone Beta running on Firefox In the message tab, I can write messages on my PC, select my contact & then send it via my phone…

Let’s try it! It automatically uploads all my contacts & allows me to select what phone number I want to send to…(unlike what is displayed, I’m not calling anyone!)

Message sent! It works! The message was stored in the outbox.

I tried calling home, but it doesn’t work at all. Maybe it was something to do with network configuration.

Nokia PC Phone also allows me to manage my contacts!

So, what is Nokia PC Phone? My first thought was that it was a kind of Nokia File Browser that works on Firefox as an add-on, not requiring you to install any drivers or the Nokia PC Suite. But unfortunately, it’s just an offline-installable-web-2.0-app that allows you to send messages, make calls & manage your contacts from within your PC, by using your phone. I seriously don’t see any use of initiating a call from your PC… if you need to use your phone to talk? Or maybe it uses your PC microphone to make that call (thus explaining why it wouldn’t work?).
The only good thing is the message application that makes you forget your keypad for a while… I hope Nokia will add much more features to the final version… how about a webcam or the file browser!

Download here only if you are bored to death…

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Yashvin said...

parait interessant!!!


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