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Dec 9, 2007


If you thought Microsoft is a sort of corporate midlife-crisis-hit giant that thinks that UI is something entirely related to Apple [Designs], then you may be wrong. As already shown with Vista, Microsoft has more than a few tricks up its sleeve… with the Zune!

The first thing that catches the eye is the Zune website

To find out more about the Zune, we head over to

& here it’s absolutely AWESOME EYE CANDY!! (even for Adobe Flash & it would make nice wallpapers) Yet who would have thought Microsoft to have had so much artistic talent!

Next on the list is Microsoft’s unique partnership with professional artists to make the Zune a piece of artwork via… (Access denied for user outside the US). Everyone who buys a Zune direct from Microsoft, get a whole new level of customization of the Zune’s backside!

The Zune ads…
If Microsoft don’t watch it, instead of stealing the crown of the iPod, the Zune may end up in the Louvres!

Microsoft has yet to release its anxiously awaited 16GB Zune Citrus… the holidays are already on us, when will they release it? In terms of (UI) artwork, the Zune is 2 years ahead of iPod, but it’s still lagging behind in the features! Where’s the Zune Surface?? (the Zune was released after the Touch, so we would have expected it to be at par with at least the Touch, minus the touchscreen)

& finally here’s a nice hack to make optimum use of the otherwise useless DRMed WiFi to send songs without the 3-day limit…

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