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Dec 19, 2007

The official setup guide for VTP8 has been released. Download it here:
Vista Transformation Pack 8 Classic Setup Guide pdf

Check out Vista Transformation Pack 8 here.

With these setup guides, I decided to try out my luck with VTP 8. Here's my original Win XP desktop (with WB skin, Styler Toolbar).

When you start the installation, you get an installer “welcome speech” on an Aurora background… Nothing much here except that you need to uncheck WindowsX default page setting unless you want your IE homepage be taken over by

After that you will be asked whether you want to install in Express mode or Classic mode… express mode meaning… the install-all-options-&-settings-behind-your-back mode. I prefer using the Classic mode which allows you to fine tune what you want to install. I would also recommend not to transform Windows System files - since once changed, you’ll need to reinstall Windows to get those original files back!

I’ve tried to choose all options that minimise system resource hacking & maximise the Visual effects.

For the 3rd party applications, they are totally optional & install them ONLY if you have enough memory. I would recommend TrueTransparency (if you do not have WindowBlinds) & Styler toolbar (you’ll need to download Styler TB separately). ViOrb will make your Start button look like an orb but it has been reported to conflict with games, so don’t install it. You won’t need Thoosje’s Sidebar if you want to install the ported Windows Sidebar. ViStart will add a working search/run bar on your Start Menu, but I prefer keeping my Programs menu as it is. WinFlip3D & VisualTooltip have been having problems running – mostly the transparency doesn’t work & I get black backgrounds instead (I had already tried them before).

Time to transform. :P

Oops… The installer crashed on 94%!
I restarted & tried running it again, but alas, again it crashed. I knew there wasn’t problem with Kaspersky since I had turned it off, nor with my graphics card (I don’t have Intel graphics). The VTP Welcome Centre wouldn’t work either… it also crashed when I tried to install from within. & it’s beyond my nerves to try it on Safe Mode.

Fortunately, I didn’t get any BSOD, nor did VTP 8 get time to really ‘transform’ my XP. Only the cursors, the sounds, the logon screen, the Aero WB skin & TrueTransparency had been installed. There were no icons set, nor any other taskbar hacks…

So here it is…
The WB Aero skin is good with those ‘real’ glass effects but I still prefer Moonflower… I’m using the Vista Ultimate IconPackager icon set (which was installed before VTP 8) &… so nothing else has changed.

The Verdict:
If you want your computer to resemble Vista with Aero, transparency/translunacy, Vista sounds, cursors, icons & stuff… then go & get Windows Vista!

PS: Still determined not to install Vista? Check this instead!

Still banging your head against the wall?
Here’s an AWESOME WMP11 hack to try out… link.

No, it won’t make your WMP11 become transparent… true transparency is impossible on Windows XP, but that’s the closest thing you can get to an Aero enabled WMP11.

You can use the colour chooser to single out your favourite Aero colour!

- You’ll need the latest version of WMP11. Get it here.
- If you want to change the WMP11 icon, don’t try to overwrite with the given WMP11.exe, use an icon pack instead.
- Go to C:\Windows\System32
- Backup file wmploc.dll (LOL) - i.e. make a copy & store it elsewhere
- Go into folder Replacer & open Replacler.cmd
- Drag the original wmploc.dll (which you’ve already backup) from System32 onto the DOS window.
- Press Enter.
- Drag the modified wmploc.dll from folder 'dll' & paste into DOS window.
- Press Enter & then type Y, press Enter – the dll will be replaced.
- No need to reboot, just run WMP11 straight-away!

Still not satisfied?
Ok, here’s an app that will make any Windows XP application transparent. You can use it to simulate Aero, but the only problem is that the whole application is made transparent.
Read the instructions well!!! For WMP11, I would suggest transparency level 9 (Ctrl + Shift + 9).

More Windows XP to Vista hacks here: (highly recommended link)

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Anonymous said...

heeya...first of all..wish ya merry christmas.. pa kpv use sa tranformation pack la..acoz mo ena en program ki mo use pou ingame chat..b program la pa work quan mo install ban transformation bsn reste r winxp "original" la meme..

carrotmadman6 said...

Thanks... Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you as well! :D

Anonymous said...

its really cool to feel the vista on my xp desktop....tnx guys

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