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Dec 29, 2007


Nero 8 or Nero 8 Essentials or Nero 8 Ultra Edition Enhanced or Nero 8 Premium Reloaded… is the latest version of the most popular burning software for Windows.

Took 2 restarts to install Nero… since it had to remove Nero 7 first before proceeding any further!

& as with any other software, Nero still “forces” you to install search toolbars - so don’t just click “Next” blindly!

Nero 8 compiles all the improvements from previous editions of Nero 7 such as Blu-ray support, HD-DVD support & Windows Vista support, but all in a new look.

The overall layout hasn’t changed but most icons have been “vistarized.”

Burning hasn’t changed a bit since Nero 7, but thankfully it didn’t corrupt my DVD - that’s why I moved to Nero 8 since the last DVD I burnt with Nero 7 got corrupted!

Another “major” improvement is the addition of a Nero intro animated ring when starting up the applications.

Wave Editor hasn’t changed except for the colour of the wave… (from blue to grey).

Don’t forget to turn off Nero Scout… & by mistake don’t even open up Nero StartSmart… it’ll bring up the Nero Media Indexer that will take up 100% CPU.

Time to look for a new burning software… :P

More Info:
Nero AG official website

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Anonymous said...

Mo Nero 7 korek la. Si ti ena banne nouvo features ti capav considere install li. De plus mo pc ena only 256 RAM.

I' adding you to my blogroll, hope you do so too :P

carrotmadman6 said...

Yes, Nero 8 doesn't have any new features. So stick to Nero 7!

Added you to my blogroll. :P

Anonymous said...

where can i get nero8 or even nero10 in mauritius,mo ena nero8 mais pas full features et mo pa capav creer ban dvd on which i can put a menu,li creer dvd la mais when burning li fails then la moitie dvd jouer mais la plupart pas jouer????ki mo capav fer????

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