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Apr 27, 2008

I want to express my most sincere apologies to all RSS Feed Readers, because from now on I’m going to publish my RSS Feed in excerpts - only the first 250 words are going to appear in your RSS Reader & you’ll have to click Read More to read the rest of my post.
I personally hate RSS Feeds that have their feeds in excerpt mode, but unfortunately I had to resolve to this solution myself because a splog was scraping all my posts (& earning money from them) –

If anyone is reading this on, let me inform you that this post has been lifted off from my blog ( & is being posted there. is a spam blog!!! = spam blog!
(I dunno if Google Search understands the above?)

Here all the posts has copied until now:
Orange ADSL's Fair Usage Policy - the stab in the back
Iron Man, The Dark Knight & The Incredible Hulk...
Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Trailer
(& ya, that’s no link love - all of these contain nofollow tags!) started copying content from my RSS Feed with my post on the Nokia N96 & has copied all posts as from Monday 11th February 2008. & the posts were even being updated! :@
& what’s more irritating is that the splogger is showing up AdSense & Kontera ads alongside MY CONTENT!

A WHOIS of revealed that the spam blog is based in Vietnam… & all my efforts of contacting the webmaster have been useless.
I’ve even contacted Google, but they want me to send a written DCMA (by fax or letter) to be able to remove from their search results. (WTF!?)

So the only solution that remained was to switch my RSS Feed from full posts to excerpts…
Again a BIG SORRY to all RSS Readers!!! I’m extremely sorry, but I can’t help it… :(

More about Splogs:
GeekScribes: Plagiarism - Protect Yourself


The splogger even lifted off this post... LOL :P

Here's the link.

Great thanks to Jonathan Bailey from for his extremely informative site.... I just found my weapons to strike down the splogger! :P
Check out the Stop Internet Plagiarism Guide.

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Neelesh said...

Man, after what I have seen. I guess we should be protecting ourselves.

As a starter, we need to include the article permalinkg and author in the posts

Anonymous said...

ROFL! It even copied the post you used to criticize it! Wicked! :D

Good thing you implement partial feeds. For me, it's just an additional click, so doesn't make much difference anyways. Your feeds are a lot cleaner that way too. Keep it like that. :)

Neelesh said...

First step, ask your readers to mass negatively stumble

Its domain registrar is

Make a complaint. Use Creative Common License before doing so. Don not allow to reproduce and modify.

The rest of the info may be false and as you said they are not responding to your mails.

After exams, spam the blog. :p But a link back to your articles.

carrotmadman6 said...

Thanks for the tips...

After the exams, maybe i'll fax a DCMA to Google & close down his AdSense acc & remove basictweak from all search results! :P

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