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Apr 1, 2008

Check it out:
Best viewed full screen, & you’ll need to increase your volume a bit…

UFO (Real Or Hoax?)


A list of screamers:
1.Scary Maze (FULL)
Scary Maze Game (swf)

2.Optical Illusions

3.Bubble Wrap Maniac

4.Hit The Dot

5.Find It!

6.Missing Dog

7.Picture of Jessica Alba


9.The Ultimate Maze

10.Scary Car Cammercial

Ok, now for some fun… screamer reactions! LOL

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adrcc2 said...

dunno y but as i saw the slide coming to an end i kind of doubted somefin like that was gona happen...and it did

i hate that

and sajjad ali in fact sucks

morinn said...

I've just survived from a heart attack! XD

InF said...

I've fallen for that once! :P

It wasn't like that though. It was that game where you need to guide a wire through a path without touching walls. And in the middle of the game, that weird face guy popped out! :P

That day, I freaked out. Now I kinda expected this one..

Though you might put "Not for the faint of heart" somewhere, so as not to be blamed for "accidental" heart attacks! :P

And in small prints "I am not responsible of the consequences of you watching this video, but in case something happens, AYBABTU!"

carrotmadman6 said...

@Inf & Morinn & adrcc2
This was my first screamer that i came across a few years ago... really caught me by surprise. :P

I was feeling too lazy to cook up anything else for today, so i just uploaded this screamer.

Sorry for "faint of hearts..." warning. As Inf pointed... i'm not responsible for any "external" content on this blog... LOL :D

Anonymous said...

subliminal messages= the scariest of them all

carrotmadman6 said...

Long time age I saw a screamer.It was 6-7 min long it was about gta 4 ratman.I couldnt find the video again.So if anyone saw that screamer can you give me the link

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