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Apr 17, 2008

I knew it! I knew that there was a catch behind Orange's glitzy launch! The trojan horse turned out to be a Fair Usage Policy applicable on all broadband connections! (link to the ADSL tariffs)

Here's the explanation of the Fair Usage Policy from Orange's FAQ:
1.11 why do I have a fair usage policy?
It is designed to make sure your broadband service is as fast as possible and reliable whenever you are connected.

Some of our broadband customers use file sharing software and download large files like music and videos. This uses up lots of network capacity leaving less available for others. This means that the speed of your broadband service is then affected.

i. am I likely to be affected by the Fair Usage Policy?
If you don't regularly use file sharing software or download large files from the internet it's unlikely you'll ever be affected by this policy.

ii. what will happen if my use is very high?
If you only occasionally have very high usage, we're unlikely to be concerned.
If your usage continues to be very high, we'll advise you if your usage is excessive.
Ultimately, if your usage still remains excessive, we may have reduce the transmission speed of the service whilst we monitor your usage.

iii. can I track my internet usage?
Go to My Internet Account on to check your internet usage online. You will need to identify with your ADSL login and password.

What does this mean?
Your connection is being monitored for any type of excessive usage - not only p2p, bitorrent or file-hosting (rapidshare) downloads, but also your day-to-day usage (updates, downloads, surfing)!
2. Your connection is capped - once you go beyond your cap, you will get a slower connection.

For example in New Zealand, the Fair Usage Policy is such that if you download 2GB in a day, then your connection drops to 64kbps. & if you download 20GB in a month, then you get 64kbps for the rest of the month.

& for Orange ADSL, no one knows what's the cap limit? It may be anywhere between 100MB to 1GB - imagine having your 512k connection speed drop to 64k after having downloaded 500MB! & once you are blacklisted, you do not know for how long you'll have to endure your reduced speed - a few hours or a week?
& if you are a habitual offender, well, better try Nomad.

Recently My.T users have been witnessing stable speeds... the reason being the replacement of the Guaranteed QoS... by the Fair Usage Policy!!! (My.T offers’ tariffs)

Wanadoo Adsl was supposed to be an unlimited connection, no caps, unlimited in every sense. (except that it was affected during peaks) That was the only reason why it was highly priced for its reliability (compared to My.T).
But with the new Fair Usage Policy, there's no distinction between Orange ADSL & My.T!
So actually Orange ADSL users (like me) are the biggest fools in the world for paying Rs. 750 for a 128k connection while My.T offers a 256k + a livebox + a DVB-T receiver for the same price!?!?

While Orange has lavishly taken over Cellplus & Telecom Plus, they've also quietly stabbed all Mauritian Internet users in the back... With this capping, there's no doubt connection problems would be more widespread than ever - all our connections will attain the My.T syndrome.
I have been claiming this for a while now that Mauritius is running out of bandwidth, & this move by Orange is yet another evidence. Instead of improving the speeds & the reliability of its service, Orange is trying to curb the traffic - obviously because its network is reaching its max capacity.

Despicable spectators as we Mauritians are, we allow Orange to juice every drop of money from our pockets... Our Internet is doomed - but what else can we do? There are no competitors, Eassy is stalled... We are stuck with Orange & even lower speeds that before!

P.S.: Orange fanboys! You were very excited by Orange’s coming, no? Now... suffer!!!
Actually it might be illegal to impose new Terms to the original Wanadoo contract that guaranteed constant speed… Here's the ORIGINAL WANADOO ADSL contract terms.

Learn more about Fair Usage Policy:
Is it really fair?
BT Broadband Fair Use Policy

The FUP sucks... & because of Orange's monopoly over Internet in Mauritius, we can't do anything about it!

I’ve been browsing around & I found this:
Dear Sir

We need to let you know that the average monthly usage on your broadband account across October and November was 64GB. This is in breach of our Fair Use Policy (please visit to see the policy) and it heavily affects the performance for our other broadband customers.

When you signed up for Orange broadband, you agreed to our terms and conditions which say we can suspend or terminate your account if you breach the Fair Use Policy. However, we would much rather you reduce your usage, especially at peak times, so that you won't be in breach of the policy.

So we're writing to let you know that at peak times (6pm-midnight), we may start reducing your usage by cutting down your connection speed. We'll keep an eye on the usage for a while, and if we see that it's changed sufficiently to meet our policy requirements, we may restore your connection speed during those times.

We're doing this so that we can give all our customers the best internet experience that we're able to provide.


Customer Support

& from other details I’ve dug out, the cap for an 8Mbps Orange connection in UK is 50GB. & if you go beyond that 50GB, you will first receive this letter & then your connection will go to 512kbps for 24/7 for a week & then 512kbps between 6pm to 12pm for an “observation” period of 3 months. If you download moderately during this period… it’s only then than you get your full 8Mbps back. & the cap limit (50GB) is contained only in the terms available to the Orange staff. No wonder Orange is the worst ISP in the UK!
& now apply it to our local context… Sounds fun, no?

Unless you want to receive a warning letter like above, it's best to stick to a download diet.
Here's a few tips:
- Download NetMeter & monitor your traffic usage.
- Try to stick to a self-imposed cap - no more than 1GB per day or 10GB per week.
- Avoid torrents. Traffic is monitored for both download & UPLOAD! Torrents require you to upload whatever you download, which will explode your bandwidth usage!
- Avoid p2p (Limewire, eMule, etc.) for the same reasons. Try direct downloads or file-hosting services (RapidShare, MegaUpload).
- Avoid multi-tasking your Internet - browsing while you are downloading (with download managers). It slows down your downloads, bytes are lost & your bandwidth usage will increase.
- Do you really need to watch that particular YouTube video? Cut down on your streaming media (videos, radios, podcasts)
- Restrain your indiscriminate attitude towards downloading! (Do you really need to download that CAM or R5? Wait for the aXXo!) & speaking of movies, in dire times, dire measures are required - drop Xvid/DivX & go for x264! Try VBR instead of 320kbps mp3s!
- Live eat with it!

Note: No one knows what the daily/monthly cap is for Orange ADSL 128k, 256k or 512k. Not even the customer service (8900)! So I would advise you to tread carefully until it's revealed or until someone gets punished!

P.S: I'm waiting 2 weeks to observe what happens next... If Orange does nothing about the discrimination towards 128k users, i'm moving to My.T or Orange Livebox 256k.

edit: Inf also posted about it: Orange is here, your connection suffers!
Avinash as well: What is the fair usage policy?
Reactions from the press here: Orange ADSL getting cheaper?

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InF said...


If they mess with my connection, if they DARE mess with my uncapped 512K, I swear, I will make their customer service go through HELL! :@ :@

Baaasstaarrdsss! WTF! 1 GB per month capping? What's that on the Internet nowadays? Are they not aware of things like Youtube, Online Radio and streaming exist?? They suppose that every Mauritian that has a heavy usage is a pirate! Well damn them!

If they cap my connection, they will just allow Nomad to have more users! :/

Yayyy for Orange! A big F** yaaay!! :/

Instead of bringing improvements, they are trying to send us back to the dark recesses of stone age! :/

Neelesh said...

We are stuck with on Zorange now. Nomad is no option.

We were always a fool. Pheew. Carrot, it is time every Mauritian own a blog and with some adsense, make merry and laugh at our dear Zorange.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mauritian patriots,
Wake up.Its another colonisation of our territory (media & telecommunications) by the 'colons'.
Have any jurists or media law practitioners read this blog?
If so pl. advise if we can sue orange for changing any clause in our contract with T.Plus.
A patriotic cry.

Anonymous said...

Bans Voleurs pe cokin nous patrimoine.

Anonymous said...

lol ki patrimoine vin ferh ek technologie ? si pa ti ena etranger pu booster tousa MT lepok li ti MTS , ti pou encor lepok margoz (56k). aret sa ban zafer Xenophobe la Do!

(zot p reagir pareil couma Chacha LE PERE DE LA NATION kan li tial rod independance... guet resulta zordi)

apres , sa zafer orange in vini la ... sa oci pareil " li ti la em li sof ki ban owner ki ena 40% part dan Telecom in decid pu make them know by the rebranding ... ZIS MARK kin changer , ban service la plis ou moins pareil . Mais si Orange envi Reflet saki li vraiment eter , li pu bizin review sa FAIR USAGE POLICIY LA -

carrotmadman6 said...

There's no 1GB limit.. That's just me speculating. It may be more... or less!
& yeah... stone age indeed! Imagine ur 512k getting capped to 64k!!!

If you we unite & protest (maybe) something can be done?

MT was already sold to the devil when it entered a partnership with FT... What's happening now is that FT is dictating its terms!

If it was only a rebranding... they wouldn't have tried to quietly slip in the FUP while everyone was dazzled by Orange! If i hadn't noticed that, no one would have known it!
Why apply the FUP now? That's bcoz FT wants more profits... & they already have a proven formula to milk money - UNLIMITED connections that are CAPPED!

InF said...

I know Carrot, that the 1 GB is speculation, but remember that MyT 256 was capped at 1GB? I am assuming it will be the same here! :)

Anonymous said...

''& from other details I’ve dug out, the cap for an 8Mbps Orange connection in UK is 50GB. & if you go beyond that 50GB, you will first receive this letter & then your connection will go to 512kbps for 24/7 for a week & then 512kbps between 6pm to 12pm for an “observation” period of 3 months. If you download moderately during this period… it’s only then than you get your full 8Mbps back. & the cap limit (50GB) is contained only in the terms available to the Orange staff. No wonder Orange is the worst ISP in the UK!
& now apply it to our local context… Sounds fun, no?''

I am struggling to comprehend how this makes Orange the worst ISP in the UK. I am in the UK, Orange has JUST started giving broadband services, it is otherwise on of Europe's leading mobile phone networks, the best in the UK along with O2. Orange Broadband may not be the best, but, if you are not a complete idiot, you will go for the better ISPs. You are not being forced to subscribe to Orange. Anyway, Orange is not the worst ISP in the UK, 50GB a month is huge in the UK, the fact that Mauritians have been spoiled with unlimited download capacities makes it hard to accept it, but plzzzzzz Orange is not even comparable to MT. MT? National heritage?? My foot! Have they ever offered anything extra to you users? Nopes, anything extra in for your phones? Nopes. Orange offers me unlimited evening and weekend texts to ANY UK network if I topup by £15 or more, they actually reward me for topping up. How many of you have ever got that from Cell+? I never have. FT are not fools, they are not here to steal your money, they are not like the Mauritians at the helm of MT or the govt, they are centuries ahead of us in terms of technology, so plz, give them time. If they do not deliver within the next few months, then you have the right to protest, but don't wave the patriotic flag even before they set foot in teh country when we all knw that most Mauritians are a bunch of selfish people who only care for their own benefit rather than for their country's heritage. Give Orange time. It can only be good that a foreign company has interest in Mauritius, FT have millions of euros in terms of revenues, do you think they really need to have your money? Stop being whiners, and give them time before jumping to conclusions.

carrotmadman6 said...


It's not me who's saying that... It's according to a BBC Watchdog survey which found out that Orange UK is the worst ISP.

& coming back to our context which is not UK, but Mauritius where Orange/MT have a total monopoly over Internet connections...
& it's nothing to do with our "national heritage." MT is a private company.

I only care about the quality of service. By implementing the FUP behind our backs, Orange have indicated that they intend to maximise profits instead of investing into newer technologies (which should ultimately benefit them). If FT earns millions of revenues, they certainly don't spend a penny on Mauritius, which is by far the most profitable division of the company.

& i think you are mistaken. Only a rebranding has taken place. & along with that a new FUP policy has been implemented WITHOUT INFORMING ANYONE & WITHOUT PROVIDING any alternatives! & that's why it's not justified!

Anonymous said...

Well, like I said, Orange Broadband is a NEW ISP here. Surely you don't expect them to become market leaders immediately!! And, don't believe everything the BBC says. They have been in a few scandals about tele surveys and tele competitions in the past.
I mentioned National Heritage, because I saw it somewhere amongst the replies.
True, Orange may have put in place the policy without informing subscribers, but I am just saying you are exaggerating. I am sure it followed the law, otherwise, the rebranding or whatever you were told by media would not have taken place. The only bad thing I think is that everyone concerned was kept and is still being kept in the dark. I just find this hate against FT totally exaggerated. Of course they will try to maximise profits in Mauritius, it's a company! But, who told you they won't invest in new technologies?? Why won't they invest in new technologies? Is there any reason you can think of? Don't tell me they are moneythirsty vampires or anything like that.
By the way, you could send them a letter of complaint to start with. You have a point in the sense that they didn't inform you. So, telling them about it will only help you and everyone else. We won't be robbed more than we already are being robbed.

carrotmadman6 said...

I've already sent them a mail... no response so far.
As for the customer service, they've told me they "don't know" what's the cap limits.
& they have no answer as to why 128k & 256k are similarly priced!?


Anonymous said...

Fair Usage Policy is a good thing.. Why should my connection be slowed down by some fcking people who takes all the bandwidth with their unrestrained downloads!

Cheers ORANGE !!

At least am safe, as am not a massive download freak...

Anonymous said...

In your next bill, prepare yourself to see another form in the envelope.

The form would be a "Fair Usage policy" agreement..

This would make sure that you agree to the new terms and conditions of this new service..

And if you don't wanna sign it, then simply terminate your internet account with MT...

carrotmadman6 said...


& if the limit was 1GB per month... would you be cheering Orange? hehe

It's not only massive downloaders that are concerned... moderate normal users that use services like YouTube, streaming media, developers downloading builds, students downloading courseworks, people uploading project, etc. are also concerned.

& if you think that your bandwidth will improved.. then you are wrong!
With the FUP, people will pay more attention to when they are downloading... they will be downloading more at off-peak hours, meaning there won't be any off-peak anymore! & they will schedule their downloads as well... expand over a month, instead of downloading everything in one day! :)

carrotmadman6 said...

@anonymous2 (Use a nick or your name next time)

If there's no agreement... I can sue them.

& if there's an agreement... I can stick to the old contract, because they do not provide me with any alternatives! It's a forced contract! :P

Anonymous said...

Its not forced... they are providing you for a service.. You may opt for it or may not.. Besides, there's other internet service provider which provide Internet services (Emtel, MTML,Nomad etcc..) if you not satisfied with the product of one company(Orange services), you can switch to another company..

Leave that idea of suing them..
You gonna waste your time and money..
ANd you would lose that case..

Cause they are not forcing you to buy their service..You can always cancel the contract if you not satisfied..

carrotmadman6 said...

Is Emtel, Nomad, MTML viable alternatives? No, they are not...

There's no competition law or competition body in Mauritius that can control what happens in Mauritius. ICTA is too biased.
So who can threaten with abuse of monopoly?

BUT if they do not mention the capping limits in their agreement (& if there even is such an agreement), they can be SUED & the case CAN be won! :P (How can you impose limits on something when you do not specifically make public those limits!)

But the whole system is BS! Whether you like it or not, you've got to live with Orange! :'(

InF said...


Please please people, check your facts before you make comments!

[..] Its not forced... they are providing you for a service.. You may opt for it or may not.. Besides, there's other internet service provider which provide Internet services (Emtel, MTML,Nomad etcc..) if you not satisfied with the product of one company(Orange services), you can switch to another company [..]

Emtel and MTML both have capped connections. If I'm not mistaken, Emtel is capped at 1GB, and MTML for 2GB? I'm not sure about limits, but I know they are both capped, and "pay-per-MB-after-limit" type.

The only "viable" alternative would be Nomad or DCL. I'm not sure if DCL offers ADSL to home users though. Nomad? We know Nomad. They are respectable folks, but their service is not top grade. Can't blame them if our island is hilly, right? That create shadow spots without network.

But anyways, I think Nomad will be getting lots of new clients very soon. :)

carrotmadman6 said...

@ Inf

I don't think they'll be a rush to Nomad, bcoz if Orange implements a FUP... Nomad is twice ahead!

Check this image! Link
If you don't browse for 10 min, they log you out! (Even if your are downloading something!)

No wonder Nomad makes you mad... :P

Anonymous said...

You guys are realy amazed by Orange?
Fair Usage Policy? wtf?
It means nothing 'really'..well i dont know how orange functions..but with AOL, i have never had any problem till now though im a hardcore downloader..usually upto 2-5GB a day and till now no problemo!
if you wana use the high speed of orange, its worth a try just as the other guy said..give them a chance..atleast Mauritius is growing up in terms of tech! hoping that one day ou could use an internet speed of 20MB/s at home in mru.
but Seriuosly..those 'PACKS'(usual names are : 'line rental, pay monthly@..are really not for the money..a bloody nokia 2630 for R3000? I can give you a K800i or N73-N80 with that money..from the UK ofcourse!
Its just the start, and since there only a few competitors, prices tend to be high..but later on..with time, you gonna get cheaper deals..
im happy n proud that Orange has come to mauritius..bringing wat we currently have in the UK! would have been FANTASTIC if there were a network like THREE..3.5G internet for free n unlimited skype calls worldwide..anyone in mauritius can please confirm to me if skype does work as a voip service in mtius on the 3G networks of emtel or orange?
just grab a Windows mobile and install skype and bloody test it using internet provided from the mobile network!
aXXo is nomore the hero..forget him..he's only for those fools who either have a crappy cd drive at home..EVER HEARD OF High Def movie??
Rapidshare is not called file sharing mr Carrot..this is just simple direct downloads and this wont work so much on orange with those slow many days it takes to get 1 whole movie whilst on an orange broadband deal? u will overcross the 'FAIR USAGE POLICY'!!
Read blogs, comments and learn and go back to school!..YOU WILL KNOW HOW TO HIDE YOUR IP AND DETAILS FROM YOUR OWN ISP!
Please stop whinning when atleast something good(though not politically,but in terms of people's way of life) is being done in mauritius.
Well, enjoy your 512kb from orange!
and dont care at all about the FUP..its b*llsh*t!


carrotmadman6 said...

Before comparing anything, let me point out that Orange has a TOTAL monopoly in Mauritius. There are no competitors that can actually compete against Orange. & nor will there be any in the near future...

At the rate we are "growing up" 20Mbps will hopefully be here by 2050.

Orange Mauritius isn't Orange UK... it's still MT in control (& France Telecom behind). & so far, it hasn't brought anything new!
& as you've correctly pointed out, they are still "selling" crap phones. No chance of subsidised phones...

Yes, you can use VOIP software on both Emtel & Orange's network. Except that the 3G & 3.5G price is quite high - billed per MB.

Yeah, aXXo is dead... Even me, i don't download aXXo.
HD movies? Of course everyone has heard of them! But the no. of people who've actually seen one in Mauritius (& possess a HD player + HDTV) is unfortunately less than the total no. of fingers you have in your hands...

Yes, RS is not file-sharing but file-hosting (my mistake).
& on my 128k connection I take around 16 hours to download a standard 700MB rip, via RS.(But i don't use my connection 24/7 - usually 4-6 hours during weekdays)
& given the FUP, there's no doubt i will definitely cross it...

Considering hiding from your ISP, i'm afraid you are wrong. In Mauritius, it's impossible. MT still uses a "manual" system - they track your phone number.

The FUP is BS... in the proper sense!
Because Orange have a total monopoly over Internet, they can apply ridiculously low limits on the FUP! (As they've already demonstrated by capping My.T 256k & 512k at 1GB!)
With my 128k connection (something that is extinct in your dear UK), applying a 1GB limit will completely restrict my normal browsing! (Downloading anything would be impossible!)
It's like being back to the stone age of dial-up... :(

Anonymous said...

mo ti pe rode 1 blogger ceki in write lor sa..thnx dude
haha..aster ena dimoune pe dir Orange pa meme..mais meme sa..ena pe dire Orange mari bon.les imbecil.pfff
mwa mo faire 30 a 50GB per mois! ! mo play online 10 a 18 hrs temps par comment bsn servi internet nek pou check mail.apres bez fesse ale dormi! ! mari bez sa..OUT ena cam{ban adsl 512 ki faire plis ki 80 Gb per mois..zot play non stop 48 hours per week! !! !
comment ban heavy users..banla pe rode toufe nu! ! !
Mauritius JAMAIS pou vin 1 cyberisland.Pluto 1 cybercallcenter island! ! !pfffff

HIGH TIME FOR THE AUTHORITIES TO REACT! ! !aret prnd Mauritian pou ban imbecil..
ceki pli croire plis ki 60% adsl users pa koner ki adsl nepli unlimited.zordi meme mo in bsn faire 10 frds koner ki adsl is not unlimited now..banla meme in shock! ! !
as usual..
apres MT pa blier..paye sa % ki faire million la every year pou servi nom orange! !pa blier..

Anonymous said...

add sa lor mo last comment la

B normal.ban debt/loss ki li prnd/ faire la..kisanla pou paye sa?NORMAL ban mauritian meme..tou dimoune prnd ban mauritian pou ban con! !c vrai sa..
CEB prnd pa pe fouti pou faire..INCREASE TAFFIC! ! !
return r prefer ale vivre dan 1 cave ki pa servi nomad encore! ! mo prefer servi la corde coco ki pa servi nomad! ! !Jamais mo pa pou re touch nomad.mari nitemare sa.
now orange pe fan kakes..pffff.. speed vin 64k! !
sa..bel beser pou ena sa
li divide sa par 4..
64k= {750/4}+vat! ! !
facil la..Hit them kot sa pou hurt zot..! ! !Cash! ! !si zot pa gagne cash! ! ! !!zot pou obliger changer..

Anonymous said...

ban mauriciens p gagne congolo r telecommunications sa nu ti zil
pna organisations
pna mem 1 watchdog couma Ofcom n stuffs like zat..sinon nu pays ti pu korek..
btw Mr Carrot..its not 'my' dear contan mo pays bt ena fois kan to truver pna lavenir(tousala acoz situation creer par politiciens=dimounes seki in voter ek acoz pna co-operation)..bizin fer lavenir lot place..apres vin instill these values back dan nu pays.
to croire nu pa contan nu ti moris?
laba..zot p either ecoute linkin park sipakieter lor zot mobile/mp3 or latest film indien..ici nu ecoute sega..bhojpuri boys lor nu mobile/mp3..kan ou kit pays la..lerla ou conne so valeur
i wonder u understand wat im saying?
as for Orange..if its bringin a change..let it n support this way..There gonna be some +veness in the economical development.
as for 20Mbps..tou depend lor communication n cable ki connecter r moris.
C'est 1 lahonte ki nu dir nu z'ile 1 cyber island bt pna mem hotspots...zis dan airport ek hotel..wats the point?
si zot servi 3 radar..1 north, 1 east n the other pu cover presker entier l'ile with wifi..
for high def movies..its basically impossible zot download sa dan moris with that speed..
and u dnt need a high def tv or hd player?
a decent P4 pc with a decent graphics card and a large monitor(19' for 720p HD) with HDMI..zot bien kav guet HD movies.
btw aXXo isnot dead..its juz zat so kwility dan bez..
si to bizin latest movies or games or anyfing in best quality..nek fer moi coner.instead of waiting days to get 1 movie..:-) lor sa blog la presker tulezur..repone lor samem.

carrotmadman6 said...

Of course, i understand what you are saying. It's true that the grass is always greener elsewhere, but it's only when you go outside that you realise what you've left behind.

As for Orange, I'm not against MT if they bring about constructive development... but the FUP is far from being positive... :(

To cover the island with WiFi, given the mountainous terrain, you'd need more than 3. Probably in the likes of 100 antennas.
& even then it may not work. Nomad's WiMax has a island-wide coverage - a first in the world. But it's considered the worst ISP in Mauritius, because the WiMax always has problems. & when there's heavy rain, it just stops working!

Oh, you are referring HD-rips! Yeah, most people with a decent PC can play them. But the problem remains in the size of those rips - the minimum size of a 720p BR-rip is usually DVD5.

Thanks for your offer, but i only download movies I like. :)
(You shouldn't have said it here... someone will certainly come along & give u a huge list of movies! LOL)

Anonymous said...

Nek donne nou link to blog kot enan film la BAYO ou upload li lor RS apre nou fan fess bandwith MT sorry Zorange

Mon fine bizin switch off PC ek pa renouveler mo RS pou en certain letan mais enan bez pou aret download mais mo p zis les compter re vine zero apre nou re commencer

Anonymous said...

Ban seki travay or go to Uni..zot pa kav download laba? dpi facil download laba..ici nu download RS files dan uni lor 1 vitesse 40MB/s..noter speed la li over 40MB/s..not the line speed! 1 100MB file dan rapidshare lerla pran pli bocou letan pu rentre dan mo external Hard drive ki li pran pu sorti dpi RS server n get onto that pc(basically download)..;-)
zot aster RS account pu download dan moris?
y not resart or disconnect your router each time a download finish? well i am answering my own letan li prna pu download 100 mb file lor line moris plis ki 2hours..alors RS renouveler ur IP par limem.
Ban malin ki anvi increase zot torrent speed..mone truver 1-2 mauritians ki download torrent(1 of aXXo's)..ek facil gagne zot details..piti la reste acoter chemin Virgil Naz 4Bornes..ek li p download sans 'protection'(par dessus couma nu dir)..alor..fer tantion ban pirates moriciens..couvert zot..sinon mo lamem pu get zot details.
apres..seki coner..XP n upwards(Vista) restrict connections to 10 on the net..zot kav increase the number of connections manually lor DOS..or use TCP Optimizer ek dir moi feedback..korek?
make sure zot servi BitLord or pli vite.
pu ban films..avoy moi to ladresse ek £50 dan 1 lenvelope oubien via pu avoy toi 1 160GB hardisk full ek films DVD.
ban links RS..ena fois li pa bizin dwnload 1 ek lerla cheker si quality la bon pu pa perdi letan..well im sure zottou conner sa.
bon..theme sa blog la is FUP Orange download film..respect Mr carrots views n reviews..
si li pa mind, ouvert 1 lot blog ek nu coz films?
I hope zot p adapt to the new orange in mtius.

carrotmadman6 said...

Concerning the Uni question, i've done it! ;)
Each lab has a 512k connection & it's shared between 20 to 40 PCs. So the actually download speed per PC is less than 5KB/s.
But the trick is to use download managers! But even then, the max speed you can get is around 15KB/s. It's only during weekends that you get decent speeds (60+).
The 2nd trick is to let the downloads running. That works great, except that anyone who sees ur downloads will delete them & will try to grab ur RS acc! :|
& you can't install/tweak those PCs bcoz they are Win 2000 on limited user accounts!

Removing the connection limit is great with 256k+. Didn't make any difference on my 128k.

For movie freaks:
Open up a forum & talk about it! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Bayo anonymous... Rs3500 pou en HD 160GB plein ek film li raisonable mais en question


To gagne 40Mb/s kan mo transfer data depi mo external HDD to PC via USB li pas arrive 30MB/s twa to downlaod lor 40MB/s ???????????

oui mo paye RS Rs370 pou en mois ek mo les PC alimer 24/7 ek mo servi IDM mo nek copy link ek li download automatic en film 700MB mo plis li dan 3hrs ek dernier CNC fine pran mwa 24hr pou en fichier 8GB ki mone fine bizin redownload parski li ti corrupt mais avek sa FUP mo pas fine renouveler mo RS account ek what is great with RS is that for my 512k connection I get a full download speed of 52-58kbps mais mo fes fine deja kaser mo ti enan MyT ek bane G..t la ti capped mo connection to bane user (ki pena RS account) dans sekter zot connection ti ok zis pou mwa ki ti dans dif that's why I opted for late Wanadoo ek mwa ki fine deja passe par sa bez to get your connection being capped sory langage MARI LIK..MA SA
More the days are passing mo pas pe truv en lizour ek I am sory to say that our case is hopeless.
Only solution ki enan c ser nou lagorge nou mem avant ki orange ser li pou nou

Good luck to every one and specially to myself......

carrotmadman6 said...

Yeah, he's in UK & gets 40MB/s!!! :|

Downloading as much as you can is the best thing to do until the FUP comes... :(
(& plz try to limit your usage of swear words! LOL)

Anonymous said...

Bloody Orange !

Btw, MyT users are also affected by the FUP - Fuck, Ur Problem !

May be if all Adsl and Myt users threatened Orange that we will shift to another ISP such as Nomad, MTML AZU Broadband, etc..

Then they will capitulate.

As for Rapidshare users, don't waste money buying rs accounts.. Just disconnect your livebox after your download or change ur i.p manually , and tada... U r given a new I.P n u can download other files. Anyway, Rapidshare Happy Hours are on these days !

Anonymous said...

ok carrot for the language but if the samething was said in english it would have lost "tou so saveur" so we do need spice in our comments if I have hurt anyone or "anything" out there then sory...

To hell with FUP I am taking my RS account back (B..@#@$ L..@@#% ar FUP)

carrotmadman6 said...

I had to go for RS Premium bcoz of the resume/pause & parallel downloads (greater speed).

Before that i used to download as a free user... & that was an incredibly painful experience! :(
With my 128k, a 100MB files takes 2h to download.
& within 2h, anything can happen - ur connection gets disconnected, it's reseted, there's a power cut!
(I've got a UPS but it restarts my PC automatically when there's a cut!)
& I've noticed that speeds aren't that good with free user.

So that's why i don't regret buying a premium RS acc. :)
But with the FUP... :S

Anonymous said...

@ carrotmadman6

I used 2 get rs premium accounts for free every week !! Bkoz i was a mod on

But yes u r rite about z slower speed for free users, but i've got used to it tbh.

@ aXXo fanboys - he reencodes dvd rips released by other groups. The image quality is poorer in axxo 'releases'. Don't download aXXo, dowload quality stuff from groups like DiAMOND, PuKKA, HLS,FLAiTE,etc

Where do u people find info about new scene releases?

I use, it's a useful little info site.

Screw ORANGE, switch to APPLE :P

carrotmadman6 said...

I don't download aXXo... in fact i don't download Xvid rips anymore!

Only x264 HD-Rips! :P

& yeah, is a quite good tracker, but maybe a bit slow. They were quite late in announcing the release of National Treasure 2! :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, they have a sleepy staff there. They do not cover all the TV show releases as well.

But it's the fastest i know of.

x264 HD rips are going to be history with FUP.

Switch to .rmvb :P

I think mauritian downloaders must regroup and share their movies, music, appz, etc..

The transfer can be done via pendrive or dvds. It will enable us to have the maximum number of files (even more than we download indiviudally !) and keep Orange's mouth shut.

A schedule can even be made.. e.g. 1 fellow pirate downloads new TV Shows (Lost, South Park) etc, another one downloads new appz (Photoshop, Office, MShite windoz xp,vista) while another is responsible for music.
Mo porte moi volontaire pu download porn :P

As such, there won't be 'double-downloading'!

Long live Pirate Hood, Yo Ho !

carrotmadman6 said...

rmvb is almost the same thing as x264... except that x264 is becoming a warez standard. :P
I love those 300/400MB x264 HD-Rips that are waaaay better than 700MB aXXos! :D

I'd think we'd better launch the MWA - Mauritius Warez Association! LOL :D

Yo Ho Ho & a bottle of Orange juice? :D

Anonymous said...

btw carrot and other download freaks..zot in dja download 1 film 48GB??
i mean real HD?
wa..btw of course im in UK can u get 40Mb/s dan nu ti zil??
letan mari en ggt ici..p malad tou..p pense blue bay..mover bez sa..dpi 3ans mo pan nager :-(
wa...ban zenes
mo conseil zot seki dan pa necessary download HD..coz li pu lag and zot pa pu kav enjoy the real HD download 1 film 48GB via torrent..its 1080p..infact its documentary planet earth 2006. MARI BON..but cannot enjoy it on my 19" screen..bizin buy 1 32"HD pu enjoy as nu tou moricien..pna letan n paisa pu sa! LOL
btw can sum1 help? kifer kan mo p zuer film 1080i lor my pc(3.2GHz, 2GBRAM ek 512MB nvidia 8600GT..still li p stutter?? any ideas? the quality is HD and i connected via VGA..i have the DVI but cannot figure out why the monitor say 'no signal' wen its connected to the DVI-out of the graphics card?? btw..i tried it on a Vaio laptop with Dual Core..still the same its nothing to do with Processors ni with RAM..tried on anozer laptop..same problem!any IDEA?
for your kindd info: korek pu ban film ki pa vaut pu guet en high quality n stuffs..films like Michael Clayton, One missed call n all wud be ok
PUKKA is the same shit..they rip same stuff..personally i wud put PUKKA and aXXo on the same level(of quality)
if u wana get high quality DVDrips.chek FXG TEAM..chek ban vre uploaders..use the best pirate site lor
mo laliste nuvo film:
Planet Earth 2006(mo ena 6 out of the 11 dvds..p increase collection la wenever i go to uni!)
2. not out in UK yet(tomorrow it will be out)
3. IMAX 3D documentaries(p increase mem via RS).
I wud recommend zis to anyone ki contan guet zoli n meaningful fings on life on earth..really worth it..zot pu bliyer film lerla. zot ouler links ban film la..fer moi coner.
ena tro bocou film lor laliste..mone bliyer
as for applz..not really i got Vista Ultimate n contrary to wat people say..i LOVE IT..mari seryer i dnt use it so much since the progs i use wud ned to be use it juz pu ban games and li vremem mari bon pu ban gamers..
anyone played Assassin's Creed?? MARI TOP..but upto date..therz no BETTER GAME THAN CRYSIS..waitin for FAR CRY 2.
NFS PS IS bliyer NFs(though i kept playin since NFSMW online)..forgotit after i played crysis. p coz tro boucou
Lets get back to the topic.
LI PU MARI BON SI ZOT TOU FER SEKI CARROT IN DIR..share in person n zen kill orange FUP..but beprepared for a negative reaction from orange..they do know wat u r doin(torrenting or RS) and zot pu kav make a case(i mean fou zot r anti-piracy)bt there anozer would place itself in a loss wen doin zat..well puena plein repercussions..but then more competitions will arise wich is then good.
aller..casse kili Orange!
R3500 pu 1 160GB hardrive ek film? well sa depend..n mone buy it for £60 moi!
ou bien to gagne to hardrive toimem..1 zour mo avoy toi film la en cd or pendrive 4GB..sinon mo p vin moris kav guet sa

carrotmadman6 said...

True HD? Wow! I doubt anyone would have even tried to download it! :P

48GB = 34 x 1.4GB movies
48GB = 68 x 700MB movies
48GB = 120 x 400MB movies
48GB = 48 days on 128k
48GB = 12 days on 512k

Maybe i should one day try a 720p HD-Rip (4.5GB)! :D

For HD, HDMI is a minimum. DVI won't do... :)

Games... I can't play games coz my PC config is crap! :(
NFSPS I was trying to play... but it lagged at 5fps!!!!! Crysis & Assassin's Creed, i've read about them - great games. & then there's GTA4 which I think is being over-hyped!

Anonymous said... keep track of this blog day and night?
i am online since yesterday(21hMtian hours and its already 12 hours replied to my answer so kwikly?)
Thats amazing!
Wel..thats a real blogger,innit?
Good morning mauritus anyway..i gonna go sleep now..though its sunrise courseworks make your life upside down...:-(
I wont say 12 days for the 48GB..coz its a torrent and it took me 60hours to get 4.7GB! hyper-suck ban seeders la!..well mone resi gagne so RS links...and its ok.. asking if I could connect the DVI to my VGA monitor? i no theres a when i connect, the monitor say no there any set up that im missing?
can i say something?
Zot pa plein r sa 512kbps la? i remember usin it in december 2005 with AOL here and its was a miracle for the first few then it becomes a headache..sometimes the 8MB on my line makes me mad!
well..we as humns..want more n more and better n and better...
dimoun pa pu sanzer..LOL!
y dnt u buy upgrades off ebay? ask sum1 dan uk send it for u si u cannot get the item posted to mtius..i tell u mate..its real cheap..i upgraded from an X300 to 8600gt with only £30 and from 512MB RAM to 2GBRAM for £20 and from 160GB harddrive to a total of 900GB hard disks for about £80 total..
well i dont wana make a pub on ebay..but its worth the money..


carrotmadman6 said...

That's bcoz i'm currently at home... revising for the exams! :|
So my computer is on 16/24! :)

Did u try an adapter (DVI to VGA) or something?
Not all adapters work coz there are different types of DVI interface, i think?

Well everyone is pissed off at the low speeds we get in Mauritius... but here it's a bit more than human nature.
We really need high-speed connections, otherwise we'd be falling behind the rest of the world... when everything goes HD, etc!

My whole system is crap (here's my config). So i really need to buy a new computer instead of upgrading it. :(

Anonymous said...

It is not a surprise that the average Mauritian user still uses 128K (launched in mid-2002 en grande pompe a Rs 2500 and STILL not retired...damn). My friends in Singapore and Taiwan recently had their cable speeds doubled(I well said doubled their broadband cable connections) 6Mbps for the SAME price. What the **** is wrong with MT?

The most irritating part of this fair usage policy is that it even applies to the 'dial-up of all ADSL connections' ie 128K. What a pity! As if downloading a few more gigabytes would seriously wreck their business / servers, etc. What if we all had 512K connections (sorry mates, I still don't see that in a decade here)?

Not every Mauritian downloads pron (esp bangbros, interracial, desi stuff etc LOL),warez,movies,etc all the time. Does everyone over-use his mobile everyday? I don't think so. Local p2p broadband networks are the future and enough of that capitalistic attribute of selling peanuts & reaping huge pots of gold. Peace.

carrotmadman6 said...

Yes, that's true... we are being left (light-years) behind by the world. :(

That is total BS! How can u even cap a 128k connection where the max u can download in a day is less than 1GB!!! :@

Anonymous said...

well, i recently switched from adsl 128 to adsl 512 kbps..and i'm living a nightmare..

Till the first that that my adsl connections of adsl 128 kbps upgraded to 512 kpbps, the maximum download speed that i get on international servers is around 14-15 KB/s (i.e around 141 kbps). Its only on local servers that get the full speed of 512 kbps.
Don't know what to do.
I phone orange and told them the problem and they told me that there was probably a fault on my line and that they would check it and then phone me. Till now, i am still waiting for that call.

Earlier, i was on adsl 128 kbps and i did not experience a single problem. The max speed that i got varied from 14-16 KB/s.

Orange service is too bad, when i told them that i got such maximum a speed with and adsl 128, thet told me that it was impossible.

And now, i would have to pay for that ridiculous speed of 14 KB/s for a connection of ADSl 512???
That is cheating..

Anonymous said...

@ jens

check your bandwidth speed by typing mireadsl in goggle and check the speed of your connection

You will know the real speed of your connection, do it a couple of time.

carrotmadman6 said...

I was also thinking of moving from 128k to 256k... but it seems that 128k is the only reliable connection in Mauritius.
What download manager are you using? Try Mass Downloader & increase the no. of connections to 64. Maybe it should work?

Just tried out & I got speeds between 92k & 126k - which is normal for my 128kbps. :)

Anonymous said...

ki dir ? still chasing zoranz? mo dir zot pipi ek zoranz!
btw..MATLAB?? nu dan mem bato!
wat field r u into??
according to the blogs..i presumed u were into IT n stuffs..but MaATLAB..?

carrotmadman6 said...

I'm doing Mechatronics! :P

Anonymous said...

mo ti anvi fer sa moisi 1 lepok..
im doing Electronics and Comms
;- )

Anonymous said...

My rs account is expiring tomorrow. Is it worthwhile to extend it??

carrotmadman6 said...

I would certainly say YES, since Orange won't block again & even if they did, the Premium acc would come in handy.

The big question is the limits of FUP? Nothing can be said on it... but I would definitely recommend you to extend it! :)

Anonymous said...

Just extended my RS account two days

When it was still wanadoo mo ti p download 4GB per day aster mo hesiter
trying to download 2Gb per day but I can say I prefer RS to Torrent...

Anonymous said...

Thx a lot for your advice! It's because of both the blocking of rs and the FUP that i wasn't sure what to do.

Anonymous said...

What's the point of paying for an RS account when the time it takes to download 1 100mb file is over 1 hour(considering 50kb/s max for 512kb broadband)???
It is not better you download file per filer and even if you have to wait for the ip check to renew(for free users),just restart your router. Is it not simple as that?
1 question please: How do you guys in mauritius pay for your RS account(if you pay for it)..obviously paypal is not an option,is it? or by card?

carrotmadman6 said...

For 512kbps that's 70+kB/s, so it's over in less than 30 min.

While it's not a problem for 512k users, 256k & 128k users have to wait 1h & 2h respectively.
& 2h is a lot! The other day, i was trying to download a 100MB from another file-hosting service.
1st try - 68% (Got disconnected)
2nd try - 92% (There was a power cut)
& I finally managed to download the file on my 3rd try, wasting over 7h in the meantime! :S

If I had a premium acc, I could pause/resume.
The other reason for getting an RS premium acc is the download speed - you can use download managers to double your speed!

As for paying, you can use your CC or ask a friend to pay it by paypal.

Anonymous said...

If you are a casual downloader then it's ok to reset your modem, but for my case I just copy the linkd in IDM and using my user ID and Password the file gets downloaded by itself and even if it stops I can resume it in the queue.
Payment is made by Paypal pou Rs300 par mois mo pe capave dwld en limit 25Gb per 5 days
Calcul la li simple en DVD pirater li Rs50 mo pou gagne zis 6 Film tandis ki avek RS mo HD 500 fine arrive 90% capacity, thinking of buying another one.
So If you have got a credit card and you a download maniac go for RS don't waste time downloading one by one and then reset modem, this technique applies when you can download 100Mb in 5mins or less for us the best thing is using an account, what is great also is that if you have uploaded files on RS server and make it public for downloading you get 1pt for each 1MB downloaded and with 10,000pts you can get 1 month free.
Now it's up to you I'm thinking of downloading Assasin Creed anyone played it???

Anonymous said...

aSSASSINSA CREED...mone zuer nissa..gameplay cool..tone bizin chek trailers n all im sure..
but personally..i wud giv COD4 9/10
CRYSIS 9.5/10
ans ASSs creeds 9/10
after playing all 3 and completing them.
atan Far CRY 2 or GTA 4..pli nissa
ena letan to piplein r download..i fink(unless u r a pirate sellin n video club n stuffs) im fed up..pna zoli film ziska ler..probably 10000BC bt im waiting its HD version.
my frendena 1 RS acount ek li dormi lor pc in uni ziska 09pm pu download..normally li fini all 25GB in 1 day..but i fink toomuch stayin on pc restricts your social life..if u understand what i mean..en+ zot bizin atan over 30min pu download 1 film...imagine..Assassins creed is 6.8GB...6800MB = 3.6hours extract n zen install..nearly half a day is lost..
well this appliesto those who have a life..not download freaks(i used to be one before..but its boring after some time..well good luck

Anonymous said...

I also own a RS account but the last time it got expired, I preferred not to renew it. Why?

Because that prevented me from meeting my GF during the week-end (after nearly 5 months!)and god I realized how much my communication skills were badly affected by 'just sitting in front on my PC'.

carrotmadman6 said...

@Bilbo & Anonymous

LOL. Downloading addiction seems to making us anti-social!
Computers were always a mixed blessing!

Best solution would be to just queue your downloads on your PC on any download manager & that's it!

Anonymous said...

zeklair dans leciel, ala nou fini......;)))

Anonymous said...

Ban p ariv moris??
mo tand dir its was dark during the day..encor flood n all those fings?
wen was that? is it still the same?
mo pa p get any live news or video lor sa..
dir moi 1 cou plz!
zot truver couma global warming p casse fesse? and its mostly the results of those big developed countries which are not within the tropics who r not doing 'anyfing' to stop that though its the whole worlds responsibility..kan ban pays coumsa pu vreme gagne bezer like in Moris..lerla ki zot pu pran 1 decisive pas..
well personnally..I am(have become)..strictly environmental-conscious..zot kav p riyer(of course)..its its better we all fink of the future n be more gentlewith the environment we live in..SO THAT WE CAN SEE THE FUTURE ATLEAST!

carrotmadman6 said...

Yea, it's raining cat & dogs here! :|

Industrialized nations will never reduce their emissions... so it's up to us to do everything. Read today in the papers that there's a strong competition between Aerowatt & Suzlon to install wind farms in Mauritius! :)

As a side note, in Canada, the gov forces ISPs to justify traffic shaping. (more here) Obviously this will never happen in Mauritius! :(

Anonymous said...

well here.. everything is wrong :-S

Anonymous said...

mariii bez haa!!:@:@
mwasi mwE ggn beZ r ha ggt Oranz ;@!!
tulezur m pc alimE ek m servii rapidshare pu large file downloads....
tu dimun servi einP ha.>!!

sel optiOn mtml em(2.4mbps)
nomad la gaspiyaz sa...

Anonymous said...

heard about a username and password to enable you to double your download speed and many friends in mauritius are using this.

Anonymous said...

a certain username rafai and the pass word i dont know. coz the people using it are keeping it secret. but i do know many people are using it coz i visited 2 friends place and they are using 512 livebox but their download is like a 1M livebox. how is it possible. are telecom not aware about this.

carrotmadman6 said...

Yeah, you can actually get a greater speed than your current package. But it only works if the 2 liveboxes are connected to the same DSLAM (exchange).
For example, if your neighbour has 2Mbps My.T & you use his login/password on your 512K My.T, you'll be getting 2Mbps. :)

Yeah, MT/Orange are aware of this & there's not much they can do about it, except replace the whole system. ;)

Ernest said...

I have tried NOMAD, crap crap crap. EMTEL's wimax - no line of sight to my house. I have been using EMTEL's GPRS/mobile data package, the 5GB cap @1700R pm shared in the home via a Huawei B970 HSDPA wifi router. It's pretty congested during the day but gets to 1.5Mpbs at night. Problem is upload data rates. I use SIP (VoIP) a lot using the G711 codec that requires minimum 64kbps+ bidirectional to sustain a proper call. Now, I have conducted many tests on EMTEL's upload speeds at anytime and I did not even get data rates greater than 45kbps.

The point am getting at here is that like many folks, we are kinda stuck with Orange :-( however crappy and colonialist their their policies are "perceived" to be.

Talking of MyT, does anyone know the default admin login access to that white DSL wifi router thingy-box supplied by Orange? I would want to change a couple of things, first being the encryption from WEP to WPA2.


carrotmadman6 said...

The Livebox?
Login - admin
Password - admin

Ernest said...

Oh that was fast - thanks madcarrotdude!

Ernest said...

So I got MyT installed (finally) and the real woes begin!
Their &^%&*(() Livebox keeps "freezing" every few hours, I cannot ping its IP address, and have to manually reboot it for it to "resurrect" again!

Is this a known issue with these Liveboxes, or did I just get a faulty one!

carrotmadman6 said...

Seems to be a faulty Livebox. Ask them to replace it. o_O

Ernest said...

Yes, already asked them. They said it can take "up to three days" to attend to a problem, still waiting :-)


Does any one know how long orange can fup your connection coz i have been getting barely 9kps lately on my 512kps/myt . the normal 6okps that we usually get for the 512kps just faded away. Agreed that i abused it for a month or two . any way whats the fup limit for my connection.

carrotmadman6 said...

@Insane Torrent
The FUP limit for 512K is 5GB.

Since everyone is having the same problems, I believe that the low speed is due to repair works being carried out on the network... :)



The Who said...

FUP limit for 512K is 5GB???
you sure of that?
well I've been using MyT since 2 years now.
I can see my usage on their website MY ACCOUNT thing, and for every month its always above 10GB per month.
I still get the full speed
512K for international and 2Mbps for local thing.
Once I called the 8902 and asked wht is the FUP for 512K The official answer is 'They don't give this info'. but the guy told me that i don't need to worry cause I'm still below my limit. Then he added even if i was doing 15GB per month I'll still be safe ;)

carrotmadman6 said...

@The Who
Read this - Cyber-Island Internet

To be honest, the FUP is never applied.
I've downloaded over 60GB/month & never got FUPed.
But recently, my connection has been so slow that it no longer matters whether I'm FUPed or not. It's just too slow... :(

Unknown said...

hello guys,well i uses myt 512...the download speed is around 50 to 60..

but i got a login and a password from a friend..the connection was a 1mb one..and the download speed is around 125..

but recently it stops working :( am so pissed i'd like to make a request:if someone could share his login and password would..i would be very gratefull to him...

plzz do me this favour coz i download lot of stuff...and in exchange i can share a rapidshare account and a hotfile account with you...

contact me on

Unknown said...

Hi Fadil use this login & password : train2 & train2
Send me yr comments on my mail

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