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Apr 5, 2008

Orange Mauritius Billboard

Update 19.12.2008: iPhone 3G at last in Mauritius - & it sucks!
Edit: Orange is here & here's the followup to this post: Mauritius welcomes Orange.
& if you want the real RANT POST, here it is: Orange ADSL’s Fair Usage Policy is a stab in the back!

Orange is finally here...
I was expecting the transformation from Cellplus to Orange since quite a long time, but now it has taken place... let's see what happens next.

RIP Cellplus
Ladies & Gentlemen, please keep a minute of silence to commemorate the demise of one of our nation's most reliable & most famous brands - Cellplus.

Cellplus Mauritius
With over 500k subscribers, Cellplus was the leading mobile network, blending into our daily lives with services like Complis, Get2Net, SmsChat, Radiovision, MatinalSa… Rest in Peace Cellplus…

Orange Mauritius Logo
What to expect?
- Getting ORANGE instead of CELLPLUS-MRU in your network id.
- Getting an Orange sticker on your phone purchased from Cellplus Orange.
- Having your phone support being in French only (no Kreol plz).
- Cellplus -> Orange
- Complis -> Forfait Orange Zap? Mobicarte?
- Wanadoo ADSL -> Orange ADSL
- My.T -> Orange Livebox?
- Cellplus portal -> Orange World
- ->
- Being labelled as one more addition to the long list of African Orange operators aka Orange Ile Maurice (full list on Wiki)
Already redirects to

Orange Livebox Mauritius
But unfortunately, you will obviously not be getting those lucrative 8Mbps Mega Deals!

According to l'Express, Mauritius Telecom is paying up to 3% of their annual turnover to be able to use the Orange name & services.
I obviously don't see the logic in there... Orange isn't really a big brand as it is being overhyped. Why should MT pay any royalty fee? Instead Orange should be paying MT!
For example, Microsoft has a stake in Facebook. If tomorrow, they want to change the name to Microsoft Facebook, it's MS who should be paying Facebook & not the other way round.
But seeing that France Telecom has 40% of control upon MT, expect more abuse of power in the future.

Orange iPhone Mauritius
& again according to L'Express, the "hidden agenda" behind such a deal is to make Apple's iPhone available in Mauritius since Orange is the official distributor of iPhone in France. Sounds interesting, but it's still a lame April Fool joke...
The Apple-iTunes-iPhone-Network symbiosis is so complex that it would be totally unfeasible in Mauritius. The iPhone is a premium product for a niche market (with equally premium network rates!) It won't work in Mauritius.
Check out Orange’s iPhone site:

Orange iPhone Mauritius Ad
& there's even an iPhone Orange Ad flaunting off Mauritius...

Orange iPhone Mauritius Vacoas Ad
& Vacoas?!?

The Ad:

Emtel - The Only Mauritian Network
In any case, the Cellplus to Orange transition will highly damage the national recognition of the brand... meaning Emtel can seize the opportunity to cash on its Mauritian identity.
Btw, Emtel have revamped their site… check it out:

Orange FTTH
While the demised Cellplus was reputed for its reliable network, Emtel is the most innovative company (3G, Hsdpa, ePin, Easy Transfer). However, with Orange, the competition will be tougher. Newer services & newer "forfaits" will be introduced - unlimited calls & sms? Newer adsl options? FTTH? Mobile package deals?
Remember Cellplus used to sell those Sagem phones… Orange as well will sell mobile phones at subsidised prices under contract deals.

Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of a national symbol or the start of a new era of "technologie Fran├žaise?" Only time will tell...
Hint: Orange UK is considered the worst ISP in UK (via Wiki).

Boycott Orange or else support it... Here's a few goodies:
Orange Logo Transparent

Orange Logo Transparent 2

Orange Operator Logo

Orange Operator Logos

Orange Wallpaper (cooler logo) Download here.

Say No To Orange
Say No to Orange badge!

Stop Orange - Go Green
Tired of Orange? Go Green!

PS: Cellplus Orange will be launching their ePin competitor very soon...

Here's the preview clip annoucing the launch of Orange on the 17th...

All support numbers for mobile & internet has been changed to 8900.

Follow-up to this post:
Mauritius welcomes Orange...
All updates will henceforth be on this post.

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InF said...

- Wanadoo ADSL -> Orange ADSL
- My.T -> Orange Livebox?
- ->


Orange box! :P

And 8Mbps ADSL?? Gimmeeee! If that happens, I'd be a die-hard follower of Orange. If ever they dare cap my connection, I'm changing to Nomad! I HATE CAPS! :/

If they impose any restriction, change ISP. Anything annoying. Change ISP. They are warned! :/

carrotmadman6 said...

Considering that Nomad hacks you... & that they themselves use ADSL to access internet (ur Nomad IP is TPLUS...), you've got no choice but to stick with zoranz... :P

Anonymous said...

Behind the scenes this probably has to do with Orange's investment in Mauritius to set up it's Back Office Processing in Mauritius. It's call center HQ will be in Mauritius.

Secondly, the network readiness index has just come out, Mauritius is extremely poor at 54th.

shame: as I have said time and again, make MT fully private and force it to open up it's network!

so much for a cyber island

carrotmadman6 said...

Making MT private will only reinforce its monopoly & give away the whole network infrastructure to a private company so that it'll still throttle the competition.
There won't be any opportunity to force it to open its network since there would hardly be any competition.

With the current situation, no one can compete with MT. It would take a major investment into a technology like FTTH to be able to contend against MT.

Best solution would be to follow the MBC-MCML model...
The existing network is kept by the gov & anyone can use that network, guarantying an equal access to the network. There would be no interconnection charges nor any price throttling.
SAFE control should also be removed from MT.

Anonymous said...

Well cellplus is a very ugly brand name and has a correspondingly ugly brand logo, website, amongst others. If orange can bring more style and modernity to old outdated styleless crappy state owned MT, then that shall suffice for me, never mind the cost. BUT if cellplus is only paying orange for bragging purposes instead of for improvement, then it's definitely not worth it.

Anonymous said...

If MT is privatised with the current status quo model in Mauritius it would be a crazy nasty monopoly. But only if Mauritius would apply it's own competition bill to the Telecom industry as all industrialized countries do, then everyone one would be able to plug into MT's infrastructure. It's the "network effects" concept in competition law. The application competition law to the telecos en France and the UK has had an amazing effect. When I started uni in the UK in 2003 the fastest internet you could get was 512 with BT for 30 pounds a month. When I graduated the fastest you could get was 24 mpbs for 15 pounds a month. Plus by that time there were at least 15 new providers.

Because everyone was allowed to use BT's exchanges. So when I left there my uncle got a deal for 20 pounds a month unlimited calling in Europe and 2mpbs a month for 15 pounds a month! I just spoke to a friend recently and she just got a deal for 20 megs for 14 pounds a month.

All the other providers; their main issue is that as good as their networks are or as bad, they still have to go through the MT infrastructure.

You paid with your tax RS for the MT infrastructure, why not open it up to everyone?

Deregulation in France and Germany has had even better results.

carrotmadman6 said...


I don't know how UK opened up its telecoms industry, but if you can achieve such a result, then the same thing should be done with Mauritius...

Except that Mauritius isn't UK, nor is the market as big as UK, nor are there any "real" competitors waiting to invest!
The scope for expansion in Mauritius is really limited, with the mobile industry already saturated.

As for ISPs, 500k subscribers is a very tiny market indeed!

Anonymous said...

Since around 1 pm today the "Cell+ MRU" on our phones were replaced by "ORANGE"!!

InF said...

Heyyy from Orange's wiki entry..

[On 21 March 2007, Watchdog, a television series by the BBC focusing on consumer protection published the results from a Broadband survey they held. According to the survey Orange is the worst ISP in the UK. 68% of Orange customers that took part in the survey said they were unsatisfied with Orange's Customer Service, Orange was voted as the most unreliable broadband provider, Orange had the highest number of dissatisfied customers and two thirds of Orange customers experienced problems cancelling their Orange broadband.]

Lolz! :P

I think Cell+ is now officially dead and buried. Imho, that Orange thing is much much overhyped. Orange is just a sub-division of France Telecom, which also had Wanadoo as sub-branch. It's just a name-change imho. Albeit, a much hyped name-change. We can only hope to see new things coming. And as you said Carrot, 500k users is nothing to an ISP. I don't think we'll be seeing that 8Mbps priced at Rs.1200 anytime soon! :(

Anonymous said...

Yesterday en l'an de grace 17 April 2008 Mauritius Telecom became orange all services related to fixed phone to mobile (Cellplus) sans oublier INTERNET became the label orange and for us Mauritians (les pep admirable) it SUCKS, the first victim in all this is the INTERNET by now we “LES PEP ADMIRABLE” we are not going to have unlimited INTERNET access.
Let me do a brief recap during the golden era when it was still WANADOO we had the option of having limited and unlimited package but as from yesterday it's not the same thing, all of us knows how MyT realy sucks it will be the same thing for orange ADSL (formely known as Wanadoo) as they are going to apply a " SER LA GORGE POLICY”
But the price remain the same (Rs 1,360+vat for Home 512K) pour resumer we are going to pay the price of an unlimited access for a limited ADSL services, the reason behind this let me quote
“ subject to the Fair Usage Policy

It is designed to make sure your broadband service is as fast as possible and reliable whenever you are connected.

Some of our broadband customers use file sharing software and download large files like music and videos. This uses up lots of network capacity leaving less available for others. This means that the speed of your broadband service is then affected.

i. am I likely to be affected by the Fair Usage Policy?

If you don't regularly use file sharing software or download large files from the internet it's unlikely you'll ever be affected by this policy.

ii. what will happen if my use is very high?

If you only occasionally have very high usage, we're unlikely to be concerned.
If your usage continues to be very high, we'll advise you if your usage is excessive.
Ultimately, if your usage still remains excessive, we may have reduce the transmission speed of the service whilst we monitor your usage. “ (zot p rode lagratel)
We are now officially “VACHE DI LAIT” of, “c zis en pretex pou pas met encore materiel” for a better broadband service
We are going to regret the golden era of WANADOO, now we can see it’s epitaph at St Jean cemetery adjacent to that of JO,
Wanadoo ADSL
Unlimited download QoS (Quality of Service) 27/7
It is not normal that the government who wants to add IT as one of the main pillars of our economy to act as a catalyst to kill intelligence of its citizens through state-owned Telecom company. Without access to World's information highway Mauritian people will be less educated and because of that less productive and will stay poor for much longer.

Yesterday I goggled “Most expensive ADSL in the world” the first link brought me to where one user was complaining the rates of Mauritian ADSL , this is only the tip of the iceberg.
I phoned on 8900 the hotline pour faire “zot compran ki zot pe faire fausse” the answer was the same thing I quoted above.
Someone please explain me how can this be possible that when I signed my contract for unlimited Internet access and after a couple of month they just removed the unlimited and put “FAIR USAGE”

My question is IF IT’S LEGAL.

We can’t change the world in one day but a 1,000,000 km journey starts by a first step, so let’s do the first step before its too late.

I’ve created an email: so come let’s start the march against injustice.


carrotmadman6 said...


Yeah, i've also noticed that... :@
& i've posted on it... Orange ADSL's Fair Usage Policy

& btw that comment should have been made on that post.

Anyway, i'm also thinking that it's illegal to change the terms of the traffic usage. I have a copy of the original Wanadoo contract & nowhere it's said that MT can change those terms!?!?!

& yeah, we do need an Anti-Orange initiative. I'm in. :)

InF said...

@anazarel, I replied to your comment on GeekScribes too. :P

Anyways, as I said there, I hate that policy of "cut-and-adjust". It's unfair. I pay for my bandwidth, just the same as the "casual downloader" pays for his/hers. I'm in full right to get my full, uncapped bandwidth, just as they are entitled to get theirs. We are all entitled to the bandwidth we pay for.

This means one thing. The ISPs must adapt to these wants. They got to upgrade their systems to serve everybody, without depriving anyone. That's the problem here. They want $$$$$ but don't want to spend the $ on upgrading. Max profits, min spending. I saw that somewhere in Management at uni. Scientific Management??

Therein lies the conflict of user vs ISP. One wants to get served. One wants to serve everybody with what they have. So they cut and adjust, to the detriment of some.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your info the thing is that I post the same post on different blogs

please do read my lattest comment on


Anonymous said...

This is globalization!The Globalists is presenting globalization as a step towards progress, but what the masses don`t know is that globalization is a tool for the Elites to have more control over the masses, and to manipulate them easier.
Check these websites to learn about their hidden agenda :

Anonymous said...



We know that you enjoy surfing and downloading music, movies and pictures. But we also know that this can get a little frustrating at times, as heavy users on our network can reduce the internet speed at your end.

Heavy users download very large files 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, leaving less bandwidth for the rest of you. And we think it’s unfair that you should not be getting good speeds when you surf the internet because of a very small number of users. To make sure everyone is getting the best quality connection speeds from us, we have set up monitoring tools to identify those few very heavy users and to manage their bandwidth.

That’s why we have introduced the Fair Usage Policy. We know the majority of customers usage will always fall well within this policy, but this will also help us address any excessive usage, so you always get the most reliable broadband services.

How would you qualify as a heavy user? Well, if you continuously download large files, then there is a great chance that you are a heavy user. For example, if you are an ADSL 512K customer and you download over 4,000 music tracks per month or more than 28 movies per month and keep on doing this type of download every month, then you would qualify as a heavy user. This type of download is a large amount by any normal standard of usage. Below is an indicative of FUP thresholds for other ADSL packages:

Indicative thresholds ADSL Home
128K No of MP3s 2,000 No of movies 14

512K No of MP3s 4,000 No of movies 28

Click here for more information about the Fair Usage Policy and our new Orange ADSL Terms & Conditions.

For any questions, call us free of charge* on 8900 or visit


carrotmadman6 said...

Just posted about it...

Anonymous said...

I bought a sim card from Orange last year I never managed to text my children in the UK, I still use the same sim card but still can't text any one using 02 UK.
I tried my friend EMTEL and managed to text my children with no problem.
I find this a disgrace specially when I bought a Rs 300.00 top up with a 100 free text.
Orange you surely know how to fool your customer.
My own recomendation is obviously to switch to EMTEL..

carrotmadman6 said...

I never had any problem texting Twitter updates, which is a UK number.
I guess Orange have a problem with 02...

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone!!

Could anyone of you please give me any good reasons why we should boycott it?? Although the Cellplus sign and logo were really ugly, it was so sad to see it disappear forever like this!! I do really miss the Cell+ MRU operator logo on my phone. :(

First of all, I would like to tell you that years ago, Mr.Berenger had already sold the major shares of MT to France Telecom. It is MT which decided to convert to Orange due to some unknown(by me) strategic reasons!! Certainly not to introduce that crappy iPhone(aka iFool) which uses the old 3G when we have touch phones cheaper with 3G+ etc!!!

Now, someone brilliantly quoted "the golden era of wannadoo"!! I am subscribed and used Wannadoo ADSL 128k during its soi-disant golden era, and I can tell you it was just shit. I had to wait at night as from 9 or 10 to start downloading files as during the day, the download bandwidth was catastrophic that it would have taken 5hours to download an mp3 of about 10mb!! Lol
Now Orange ADSL 128k with its "Serre la gorge policy", you have your normal download bandwidth (about 15kb/s) anytime you want..whether morning at night or whatever!!
I can tell you every day of every month my pc just keeps running 24h/24 downloading all sorts of shit and there has been no prob yet!!!!

I don't care if they have changed policy, changed name or whatever but I do care about my download bandwidth, thats what I'm paying for!!

Anonymous said...

well am new here... listen to this one... orange said that internet charges will get cheaper but instead of decreasing the price they increased the speed... most of ADSL users are out of range users that is their distance from distribution centre is > 3.5 kms and the range for 512 kbps is max 3.5 kms. So its obvious that out of range users will be having problems with the 512 kbps package. am esperiencing this shit.... YUKK ORANGE so disgusting accepts to have unsatisfied customers than ready to give internet for cheaper price.... 512 kbps is not made for out of range users... what will happens for users who are out of range and hates limited downloads capacity?? we die..???

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