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Jun 6, 2008

& here we go again... The Euro 2008 is starting & we Mauritians, as we've recently become accustomed to, won't be able to watch most of the matches....

Being an avid football fan, I was incredibly frustrated (& i'm still seething) when I learnt that only 8 matches of the Euro 2008 will be broadcasted live on the MBC!
8 matches out of 31! Remove the Final & the opening match, that leaves you with only 6 matches! 6 matches out of 29 - you'd be missing 23 matches!
- 4 Group matches
- 2 Quarter finals
- 1 Semi-final
- The Final

In the 21st century, where the world is becoming a global village, where you get instant news of happenings, where YouTube is the most popular website - in such a world, there is still a country that cannot broadcast live matches!

There can't be any excuses for failing to secure the TV rights for such an important event. Is MBC lacking sponsors? Definitely not - you must have certainly noticed the revival of CIM Group ads... (they are MBC's main sponsor for Euro 2008)
No Public TV rights excuse as well. MBC is not a free channel - everyone pays Rs. 100 monthly.

Switch to private channels? A nice idea, except that the subscription prices are still high, you have to subscribe for a minimum of one year & there are no football-only packages! :(

Live on Internet? Forget it... Your best bet is to read those matches on the BBC website.

I expected to convalesce by watching the Euro 2008, but the MBC has completely spoiled my plans (I had already moved the TV to my room). There's no use of showing pre-recorded matches - who would want to watch a match the next day, if you already know the results! (Don't expect the matches to be broadcasted an hour late or less... they will most probably be "live" after 00:00, hence the next day)

(If I could write on my desktop, the MBC-bashing would have gone on & on & on...)

Well, let's get back to the original purpose of this post... the European Championships Finals 2008 starting this Saturday in Switzerland & Austria.

The Favorites:
France - France are the hot favourites. & yes, I believe they can do very well IFF Domenech picks the right players. The rotation system doesn't work. & all the different tactics Domenech has been scheming are unsuccesful. France are not meant to play possession football - they need to attack! & with players like Thierry Henry, Franck Ribéry, Samir Nasri & Karim Benzema, France are THE team to beat...

Italy - Although France managed the double in 2000, I don't expect Italy do repeat that feat. With captain Cannavaro having sustained a serious injury, the team's morale is low. Their stereotyped defensive game isn't perfect anymore. & of course they are in the Group of Death.

Germany - Germany has been fairly consistent in international competitions. Will 2008 be the year when they'll finally succeed? Jens Lehmann recent form has been disastrous. But Ballack & Schweinstaiger are there to lead the team.

The Netherlands - Holland have the most experienced team in the competition. However, their current form has left everyone doubtful. But once the Oranje train starts, who can stop them...(beware France & Italy!)

Spain - Spain have a great team with lethal forwards like Fernando Torres & David Villa. But personally, I don't think they'll create an upset in Euro, because they still lack that "something" that accompanies a winner.

Portugal - Portugal are undoubtedly the Brazilians of Europe! Everyone loves the beautiful game & Portugal are the masters at that. Not only they have the best player in the world (Ronaldo), but their wingers & centre-forwards are the most technically gifted - Nani, Deco, Ricardo Quaresma... Who can stop them?

The Troublemakers (outsiders)
Switzerland - The host nation has big ambitions... their objective is to reach the quarter-finals. & with the public behind them, they can indeed achieve that.

Turkey - Turkey is a highly versatile & relatively unknown team. Anything can happen with them around...

Czech Republic - For some, they are among the favorites for the Euro 2008. But their recent form suggests otherwise. However, they may reveal another face at the Euro...

Croatia - A relatively young team who have nothing to lose at the finals. Can they out-shine their predecessors? (Remember that they've beaten England)

Poland - Poland finished top of their group in the qualifying stages in front of Portugal. They are a team not to be taken lightly...

Sweden - Sweden have one of the best forwards in the form of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. & they're aiming to create an upset at the Euro...

Russia - While at first look, they are yet another young team, I believe they are the most dangerous outsider. Because they have one of the best coaches at their helm: Gus Hiddink. We can't forget how he completely transformed the South Korean team during the 2002 WC. He may be up to the same tricks once again... Russia is a giant-killer!

The Losers (0% chance)
Austria - even their own countrymen petitioned for the team to step down from Euro.

Greece - they can't get lucky every time, can they?

Romania - the Tom Thumb of the Group of Death.

England - of course...

My predictions
The final will be between Portugal & France. Yes, they are the two strongest teams, with some of the best players in the world - Cristiano Ronaldo & Karim Benzema. But the road to the final won't be easy - Portugal will need to face off Germany (in the semis?) while France has to contend with Italy, Netherlands & possibly Spain. Hopefully, we'll end up with a great final! (unlike the 06 WC final)
Since England have not qualified, I'm left with supporting Portugal! Indeed, I bet on Portugal to win Euro 2008!

P.S. Ronaldo has confirmed he's interested in a move to Real Madrid. Well, that would be a great mistake... remember what happened to everyone who moved from England to Spain - particularly a certain David Beckham, Michael Owen, Thierry Henry, Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Arjen Robben...

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Yashvin said...

tarrrr...comments ouvert dan new window tout ;P

mo pas guet foot ditout depi ene decenie mais mo dac r twa, mbc la, fouf!

They have loads to improve!

carrotmadman6 said...

& instead of improving... they just copy! LOL (Orange Sitara) :P

Anonymous said...

those who have a good internet connection can watch it online for free live.there are so many sites.
make sure you have latest quiktime,wmp,real player,winamp and vlc...

i was watching some free tv websites and found some links,thought it was bogus and didn't care coz i live in the uk and we get it free here,i checked it and it works,it was only 1 minute delay,don't know if am allowed to display these links here..

some great software is sopcast,tvu,tv ants.


carrotmadman6 said...

Yeah, I've tried many live-streaming sites - most of them work! But you need a good connection (512k+), otherwise it lags (i've got 128k).

The only one that worked for me was this one! :)

Yeah, you may post the links here! ;)

Anonymous said...

to the ones who have +512k,enjoy!!!
just click on soccer on the left links that you will have and there are tons of links to watch it through wmp,tvu,sopcast,tvants,etc,don't know how to make it work on sopcast.i sue wmp and have 2mb connection on wireless.

carrotmadman6 said...


Thanks! :P

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