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Jun 15, 2008



The second round of matches has had as many twists as any blockbuster film!

Group A


Lead by an in-form Ronaldo, Portugal have overcome the Czech hurdle with 3-1 win. Cristiano Ronaldo contributed directly to the 1st & 3rd goals with decisive passes & scored the 2nd goal. Switzerland, on the other hand, were kicked out of their own competition by Turkey. Time now for Portugal to finish off the hosts tonight & then get ready to watch a dramatic match between Czech Republic & Turkey. Both have the same goal difference & a draw match will send them directly to a penalty shootout (hope it happens).

Group B


Shock defeat for Germany as they are beaten 2-1 by a vastly superior Croatia team. In one of the rare matches I've been able to watch on the MBC, Croatia clearly outplayed Germany & the goal margin would have been much greater if it weren't for Jens Lehmann. Germany fought back with Podolsky but Croatia held on, with Schweinsteiger's frustration earning him a late red card.

In the other match, Austria got a dramatic equalizes against Poland with an injury-time penalty to ensure that they at least earn a point in their Euro campaign.

Group C


France suffer biggest ever defeat in Euro history as they were humiliated 4-1 by a brilliant Netherlands side. Unlike with the match with Romania, France played better but they lacked the final touch to make the goals or when they did, they met Van Der Sar in front of them. & no comments about the Tournament's super-favourites - just outstanding... Their 2nd goal was the perfect example of what you can call a blitzkrieg counterattack. The 3rd goal was made from an impossible angle by Arjen Robben. & the final goal was a long-range stunner from Scheijder.

Italy will need to thank their goalkeeper for a late-match penalty save that prevented them from being kicked out of the Euro by a strong Romania team. With another draw, Romania has the chance to qualify even if defeated by Netherlands, in case of a draw between France & Italy. As for the two Blues, whoever wins will have to rely on a Romania defeat for qualification.

Group D


With a last-minute goal from David Villa, Spain have qualified for the quarter-finals against a strong Sweden side that looked settled for a draw. Both teams played well, but with their main attacker Zlatan Ibrahimovic out, the Swedes were lacklustre in the 2nd half. & as any great finisher David Villa came to the rescue with a clinical finish, making him Euro top scorer with 4 goals.

Reigning Euro Champions Greece are out of the competition with a disappointing 1-0 defeat against Russia.


So far in the competition, only 4 teams have managed to qualify for the quarter-finals with two wins in two matches: favourites Portugal, Holland & Spain & outsider Croatia. We are now poised for a thrilling end to the group phase & then the explosive quarter-finals with a certain Portugal vs Germany... ;)

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