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Jun 11, 2008


The first matches of all groups have been played, & we've got our first insight into the tournament favourites...

Group A

No doubts here. Portugal is well in the game. Their impressive display against Turkey proves that they are eager to wipe out the Euro 2004 deception. It's time now for Portugal to confirm their excellent form by grabbing a place in the quarter-finals with a win against the Czech Republic tonight.

Group B

Germany have defeated valiant Poland with a double from Polish-born Podolski. One more win & they'd top the Group, qualifying for the next stage - they'll play against the 2nd team from Group A.

Group C

The Group of Death... spells disaster for France! With a disappointing draw with Romania, it's do or die for France. The equation is simple - they must defeat Italy (coz I think Holland will thrash them!)
By beating World Champions Italy, Holland have attained super-favourites status! That was incredible win for the Netherlands - the team was near perfection!

Group D

Extravagant display from Spain, with their terrific free-flowing game. & first hat-trick of the Euro by David Villa. The Torres-Villa duo is just unstoppable, with Cesc Fabregas providing the pinpoint passes. The match against Sweden is promising. As for Greece, they fought valiantly, but Sweden were too strong.

So here we are: Portugal, Germany, Netherlands & Spain. It's a sure bet one of these teams will win the Euro. & i'm inclined to modify my prediction... the final would be between Portugal & Holland (or Spain) :P

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