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Jun 14, 2008

Top Gear Series 11 is coming to your homes in UK on the 22nd of June & for the rest of us, the next day (for the rip)! Check out the trailers!

Top Gear Series 11 Trailers – Classic Top Gear with the biscuit battle!

Top Gear Sunday 22 June
8:00pm - 9:00pm

The very latest Top Gear news and views from the usual team. Jeremy, Richard and James apply their minds to the question of what the British police should drive. At the moment Bobbies are forced to drive around in diesel hatchbacks, gingerly shuffling the steering wheel and letting criminals get away rather than risk scuffing their wheel trims. So, armed with no more than 1000 pounds each, the Top Gear boys set out to buy a bargain priced police cruiser that can take part in a dramatic chase without fear of costing the tax payer a packet if it gets broken. Meanwhile, James introduces a new member of the Top Gear team and steps aside so they can immediately make their mark on the show with a remarkable feat of daring. And as if that wasn't enough, Jeremy tears up the Top Gear track in the new Ferrari 430 Scuderia, the car that aims to put some passion back into the Italian supercar maker's increasingly nerdy and computerised stable. Plus, there's a break from the norm as the Reasonably Priced Car welcomes a pair of stars in the contrasting shapes of the Friday Night Project's Alan Carr and Justin Lee Collins. All this, and some sound advice about how to deal with rising petrol prices. Top Gear is longer, stronger, faster, better and probably a bit more on fire than ever before.

Ok, let’s get on with the nasty spoilers

The Top Gear Alfa Romeo Challenge…
Find event pics here & here & here & here!

Andy Wilman reports about the new series in Alfas, the Germans and 186mph & the forthcoming foreign editions.

Top Gear Magazine’s Preview of Series 11 – (WARNING!!! LOADS OF SPOILERS!)

[Source - More Top Gear photos here!!]

Countdown to Top Gear Series 11...

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