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Jan 26, 2009




These pics were taken by a friend of mine at La Vallée des Couleurs (Mauritius).


Guess why would the goat want to climb on the tortoise??


So that he can reach for those high leaves… What an intelligent goat!!! :P

Lovliebutterfly has also blogged about the goat on:
The story of the Goat that climbed on a Giant Tortoise

Pretty self-explanatory… & she even baked a Crusted Stuffed Carrot for me! Woohoo! Waiting for the recipe to be added to the long list of vegan recipes! VEG FTW! :D

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Anonymous said...

Who knows maybe he's trying to do The Stig on that tortoise. :-D

Anonymous said...

ROFL.. This made my day. Thanks buddy.

carrotmadman6 said...

The Stigoat - ".... .. ..... ... .... ...."
Translation - How do I go round Hammerhead?


Yashvin said...

No words to describe this!


Anonymous said...

euuhh zot pan compren ditou la.... tortu la p rod lombrage embas cabri la....bande de noobies xD

Anonymous said...

can u plz check zis link...n also check "Les Options" zer r no myt

carrotmadman6 said...

@Sleepoholic have reverted back to their 2003 page & 2006 page for MyT. That's why everyone is seeing old offers... :)

Anonymous said...

i just dl 2 dvdrips n was starting to get worries

Anonymous said...


Lovlie said...

hahahha! This is so funny and cute! Evolution it's called!

Lovlie said...

Thanks for the link! The Carrot recipe will be coming soon!

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO! These pictures deserve a digg. Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

dat's really too cute :)

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