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Jan 16, 2009

Wifi Map of Mauritius

A list of WiFi Hotspots in Mauritius. Click the map for a larger view. :)
I stumbled upon this through a Smashing Apps post - Locate The Best Wi-Fi Hotspots Anywhere Around The World

This Google Map of hotspots was computed using a free Wifi finding service called WeFi – it’s basically a small app which you install on your PC/laptop/mobile & whenever you connect to a WiFi hotspot, it sends the location of the hotspot on the map. Cool!
All Mauritius hotspots are listed here:

Port Louis

Ok, as you have already noticed, most of these “Wifi networks” are in fact my.T or Nomad liveboxes with their Wifi turned on…


WeFi also doubles up a IM service which allows you to find nearby “friends” which are connected. Download it here.
I didn’t review it coz I don’t use WiFi, but drop a word if it helped you find new hotspots! ;)

The most popular WiFi hotspot? Must be that of the cafeteria of Reduit - it's damn slow because there are leechers eating up the bandwidth!

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Yashvin said...

lol, downloading the app.

As from today, you can count an additional wifi spot on your map, since I use myt's wifi.

GameHackor said...

Nice post...
I use Wefi on my N95...picks up most connections automatically...youll be suprised at the amount of open wifi connections you can find in mauritius surtout 4bornes :D

carrotmadman6 said...

Thanks for the tip! :P

Anonymous said...

i just add a link to the map on my forum

Anonymous said...

but cerain ask wep key...wat to do?

carrotmadman6 said...

That network is secured. But you can found WEP key crackers on the web. ;)

Anonymous said...

is it possible to crack into a neighbour's myT? i use nomad, but my laptop shows nearby livebox connections.. is there a way i could connect to these? because nomad doesnt work at times..

carrotmadman6 said...

Google for How to crack WEP/WPA... ;)

Ashlay Jangtoo said...

connection too weak on my ipod 16gb... what to do??

orphy said...


excellent article !  Je souhaiterait obtenir un petit renseignement, arrivant à Maurice très prochainement, je compte m'abonner à My.T mais je suppose qu'ils vont bien prendre quelques jours/semaines avant d'installer le matériel (la ligne téléphonique existant déjà).<

Ma question serait : connaissez vous un hotspot wifi gratuit à proximité du Super U de Belle Rose ?

Merci d'avance et bonne soirée.

carrotmadman6 said...

Belle Rose, je ne sais pas. Mais il y a plusieurs hotspots dans le centre-ville de Rose Hill. Le cas échéant, il ya toujours le wifi dans les bus de Rose-Hill Transport. :)

orphy said...

merci pour votre réponse. Pourriez vous m'indiquer un autre point d'accès wifi gratuit autre que les bus ?
Un magasin par exemple ou autre, ça me donnerait une idée où m'orienter pour me connecter.

Merci d'avance.

carrotmadman6 said...

Je crois bien il y a des hotspots près du centre commercial Magic Lantern. :)

Syynergis said...

 In the US, a Cloud Managed Wifi based on Meraki Technology from MIT has been deployed for Schools, Hotels and US Government. Same technology is now available in Mauritius see

SHABNAM_841 said...


Ah No Neem said...


Quelqu'un aurait une liste des Free Wifi point à Maurice ?
Je connais ceux des Municipalités, certains dans des centres commerciaux.Certains restaurants ou cafés également moyennant consommation provide du Wifi gratuit  Existes-il une liste à jour des différents points ? 
D'avance merci

Shah Emoboys said...

in triolet wi dont get wifi free please do some thing at BONAIR ROAD TRIOLET

Fostabob said...

isnt it amazing that this island has high speed internet cables coming into it, is only about 42 miles long and 29 miles wide, and the internet service round the island is so slow, so patchy, so poor and relatively costly. Who's benefiting in holding you back!?

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