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Jan 1, 2009



To brighten up your New Year 2009 & to reward my readers, I'm giving away one 1-month Rapidshare account, valid till 31st Jan 2009.

What you need to do?
Just COMMENT on this post.

Yeah as simple as that. You need to leave only ONE COMMENT - it can be anything: a simple thanks, Happy New Year, etc.
No spamming, no multiple comments - it will be automatically moderated.

The Rulz
1. Open to anyone of any age from any country.
2. Duration of giveaway is 24h. It will end on the 2nd of Jan at 8:00pm local time (UTC+5).
3. A random list will be generated using & the winner will be announced after giveaway is closed.
4. The winner will be announced in this post itself. So make sure to check back tomorrow night.
5. Winner will have 24h to contact me. Otherwise I'll move on to the next person in the list.

How did I come up with this contest?
Well, you should be checking Rapidshare news page more frequently. Here's what was posted on the 31st:

As every year, we have prepared our RapidPoints special for attentive readers of our news page. During the first hour of 2009 (Central European Time), you can convert 3333 RapidPoints into a new 30 days Premium account or a 30 days account extension.
A normal 1 month acc "costs" 10,000 RapidPoints. But at 3,333 you'd be getting 3 at the cost of one!!! That offer was only available for the 1st hour of 2009 at UTC+1 i.e. between 4 & 5am.
But that wasn't the only time - I also won another 2 accs on a forum. Lucky you say?
Hence I decided to give away one of these accounts. I hate stupid contests that ask you to record videos, subscribe to email feeds, make their promotion on Facebook/Twitter... WTF? Why complicate things? Keep it straight.
It's up to you decide whether you want to follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my RSS feeds.

Good luck to everyone & remember only one comment! :)

I want to ask Mr. Anonymous to please think up of a nickname (it’s not that hard…) & comment again. Thanks! :D

& the winner is…


KYU from

Congrats to Kyu & thanks to everyone for you participation. Better luck next time!
I request Kyu to please contact me on: Sent.

Some tips to all RS users:
- Don’t forget to activate it your account’s Security Lock to make it unphishable.
- Don’t share your acc with anyone coz bans accounts with multiple IPs using the acc at the same time.

Thanks again everyone & congats to Kyu! :P

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Anonymous said...

Okay, I follow you on Twitter and I know since a long time. ;) And that's quite generous of you carrot.

Thanks for sharing your loot with us. Happy New Year!

CARIES said...

happy new year from Chile

Anonymous said...

1 month RS acc!!! That's a really great gift to start your new year.How? Just imagine the goodies on the net waiting to stuff your hd!

Anonymous said...

oy :P happy new year!
and thanks for sharing, rather generous i should say ^_^

ps. yeah am back
pps. enfin, in theory xD
ppps. contests requiring email registrations? never seen those things, wtfc? xD

Anonymous said...

Another giveaway? Yay!
And Happy New Year to you too.

Anonymous said...

Ohh..... Happy bonne saaal 2K9!!


have a blast!!

Dont drink and drive!
Dont read Defimedia and believe...!

Anonymous said...

lol.u said no spam. so i'll talk about top u have all seasons+episodes?

Anonymous said...

Bonaner!!!! MOi mo ler Kdoooo!!!



Anonymous said...


Happy New Year folks :p

Yashvin said...

Only 1 comment!

Anonymous said...

oh shit i'm unable to download with the local speed (250kbps) on site like adobe, indiafm, apple, nvidia.....
i'm getting my usual (33kbps) download speed. i think mauritius telecom has block up this.
please check out.
well thanks MT for this poisoned new year gift

Anonymous said...

1 comment?? Ok what will i say... let me think...

I am thinking.... hah ok.. happy new year AGAIN lol... then.... let me think...


I think thinking too is considered as a comment? :P

GameHackor said...

happy new year :D

Anonymous said...

happy new year

Anonymous said...

well: thanks for the contest. hope u bring up more like this. :-D than mayb i can get a chance....

Anonymous said...

U r ThE BEesT

carrotmadman6 said...

Giveaway closed. Any comments after this won't count.
Announcing winner shortly. :)

carrotmadman6 said...

Thanks for participating. xD

I've Top Gear S8 to S12. Never get the time to download the rest. :P

It's working for me... o_O

Anonymous said...

@ carrot: super thanks :P

@ wassim: are you using opendns? it won't work if so since the urls will not resolve to the mauritian akamai ips, thus no local connection, thus no uberspeedofdeath :o
(though i doubt that's your problem actually)

Farhan said...

oh no. i'm too late

wassim said...

oh shit i was so close too win!!!! by the way how will i solve this problem of opendns. i tried to reinstalled the lan driver but in vain..

Anonymous said...

"Don’t share your acc with anyone coz bans accounts with multiple IPs using the acc at the same time."

I don't agree. I use an account which is shared by 10 people and I'm still using it since 5 months.

carrotmadman6 said...

For OpenDNS, you usually change the DNS server for IPV4 settings from auto to a specific DNS.
But I doubt that's the problem. Probably it's something with My.T...

I don't know, maybe bcoz all IPs are in Mauritius. But elsewhere in the world, it's a definite ban. :)

Anonymous said...


Muzzammil said...

Are you planning another one for this new year?

carrotmadman6 said...

It depends on whether Rapidshare will have a New Year promo. :)

MRN said...

night are dark
but days are light
wish ur life will always be braight
so my dear don,t get fear Coz,
go gift us a "brand new year"
happy new year

gowtham said...

I am in :)

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