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Jan 25, 2009

RCPL 2006_Photos

This June, we'll be celebrating the 80 years of RCPL’s existence – from 1929 to 2009!!! RCPL came into existence during the French period, more than 80 years ago, but under various names such as "Lycée Coloniale" and "Royal College of Mauritius." The 80 years celebrations are for the existence of the name: ROYAL COLLEGE PORT LOUIS. As for the current building, it has endured 53 years since the first stone was laid in 1956 by Princess Margaret. (Rest of RCPL history here)
Hence RCPL will be organizing a series of events to commemorate this! Check this Facebook group for more, the event or contact RCPL

Since everyone is expected to contribute, my contribution will be these photos. That was back in August 2006 when I was doing my Design & Tech project in Upper Six, & I used to bring my camera everyday - the same camera which I broke a few months ago.
I've only posted a few pics here but you'll find the rest on my Flickr page.


Zoom on the lettering - RCPL is missing an 'O.'  Why?
That particular letter was broken by a missile - a ball hit by someone... & that someone hid the pieces of 'O' in the drain just below... LOL



The volleyball court - football ground in the early years until volleyball was introduced & everyone caught on.



The basketball court - used for playing football as well...



The football ground... perhaps the biggest in any college. Surely you'd think that there is more ground that students? Wrong!! In my first year, back in 2000, every square inch of it was occupied during breaks - not only the ground, but the basketball court, the volleyball court, in fact anywhere with a little space! All classes had their own reserved space for playing football - it was literally like having ants all over the place!


However by the time I reached 6th form, due to the educational reforms, there was a drastic decrease in students & I never saw that sight again.
Hopefully, with RCPL being back to a 'normal' college, I expect things have taken their natural course...



The Ruins?



One of the “glue” trees!



The mural painted on the occasion of... a MOE college paint competition or something.



I know I missed loads of pics of memorable places - the dry swimming pool converted into volleyball/pétanque spot, The Hall & its Hall of Fame, the Salon, the Labs, the Canteens, the Amphitheatre, the Library, the Gym, the Music Room/Store, the Toilets (eurgh), the Abandoned House, the Fort, the Tunnel, the Art Room & the Workshop & its store...



(Photo from RCPL Wiki)
Sure, the infrastructure isn’t as modern as in newer colleges, but it’s the memories that matters most – nothing beats the celebration of Laureates.…



(Photo from RCPL Wiki)
Since then things have changed beyond recognition. I greatly regret having never managed to take the rest of photos. I now realise that I have hardly any memento of my wonderful time at RCPL... :'(

Check the rest of the pics on Flickr.
Easter egg – one of the RCPL dogs was caught in the wild… :P


"As royalists, you are condemned to do great things"

A.Ghanty, Royalist & Ex-RCPL Rector

The Links:
RCPL Facebook Group
RCPL 80 Years Celebration Facebook Event
RCPL Profile on Facebook (LOL)
RCPL on Wikipedia
RCPL Alumni Association
The Official Website

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Anonymous said...

Nice, typical Ghanty quote at the end TVR!

Amit said...


Anonymous said...


le bon vieux temps!! thats the only place where u'v got the rector who runs after the studs all day long... :P dnt quite know wat else to say.. :P

great post!


Anonymous said...

kot to passer ROYAL..divan derrier ROYAL! sur le coté ROYAL (curepipe of course ;P )

carrotmadman6 said...

@Amit @s4ndeep


Lovlie said...

So you're a royalist! Looking at those pictures brings back some memories of my school days. Well, I wasn't at royal of course, but I remember the volley courts and back yeard etc...
Anyway, happy anniversary! And what are the great things you are doing today? Can we know? :)

carrotmadman6 said...

Great things? Err... I haven't done anything yet that can be qualified as great.
But definitely in the future... since I'm condemned to do something great. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey man... u jst woke some memory in me too :-) Really while having a look at these shots I started thinking about the old times.. Lol you forgot to put photo of salon :p

I still remember everyday I reached school... i used to go to salon and burn a cig lol. hah the toilets of rcpl... sa un lot sa... Kushiram un foi ti tir moi depi toilet garcon ti amen moi dan buro lol.

Good old times. I'll try to contribute smthing to the magazine as soon as possible.

@S4ndeep: To ti royal toi??? :s jamai mone truv toi..

well let me add my contribution to the post:


carrotmadman6 said...

LOL... yeah, the salon - I completely missed most of the important places. :(

ROFL!!! Khushiram in the toilet!!! :D

Anonymous said...

@avish. Yeah, m ti royal. lol. tosi zamais pan truv twa. loll.. aB kumadir ena imP royalist parmi ban bloggers la... wot a find...

@carrot, forgot to metion last time.. sa foto "ruins" la.. mo kwar bien observatiore sa...kan jupiter ti pass pre last year.. banla(phy dept.) ti fer ban "sozz" pu kav regarde sa.

:P was fun.

@ALL, So who's coming for loreate celebration this monday???

carrotmadman6 said...

Observatory!!! Wow!!! :D

Bob Fossil said...

Mank 1 foto Rouben!

carrotmadman6 said...

@Bob Fossil
Wai... zamais mone pense pou tire la cantine so photo... :(

Anonymous said...

Royal Royal....

Anonymous said...

Royal MARI!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol 2010 si royal encore pareille: salon tu corek tu seryer mo fier mo 1 royalist

Anonymous said...

korom soloon!!!!royal rest so royal!!!!

Anonymous said...


Yousuf Alimohamed said...

Royal Mari! ;]

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