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Jan 24, 2009


Yes, an annular solar eclipse like above will be visible only in the Indian Ocean on  the 26th of January… as from 06.06 GMT to 09.52 GMT, with the peak at 07.58 GMT (12h58 local time).


If you check this animation, from Wikipedia, you’ll see that the full eclipse (red dot) won’t be visible anywhere… except for some Indonesian islands.
Mauritius will be seeing only part of the eclipse, so that’s quite disappointing – especially since we’ll be missing the big one later this year. :(


I read about this eclipse on Yahoo! News – grab the rest of the details here.
You might want to check the Wikipedia page as well.

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Anonymous said...

I was thinking of writing about this but you were faster :P

Read that on yahoo too. As usual we are not so lucky here in mauritius to experience the full event. I am waiting when we will have a full solar eclipse here :D

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