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Dec 17, 2008

Apple Orange Banana_Rotten

Yep, the French Competition Council (Le Conseil de la Concurrence) has temporarily suspended the iPhone exclusivity with Orange, deeming it uncompetitive. This comes as a blow to Orange who had negotiated a 5-year contract to for exclusive access to the iPhone.

Good news for French users as SFR, Bouygues Telecom & other mobile operators will be able to sell the iPhone on their networks by Christmas. The Council have also disallowed the sale of unlocked iPhones by Orange for a 100 Euro premium. Orange have decided to appeal the decision.

Apple Orange Banana_Shit

What does this mean for Orange Mauritius?
Frankly, nothing. Orange MAURITIUS will still go on with their planned launch of the iPhone for this Friday 19th Dec. If we only had a competition agency… maybe in a decade or so. Mauritius is still a backwards country where the customer is still a slave…

Le client est esclave. – Steve Jobs

Latest rumours suggest that the iPhone will be sold at Rs 13k with a 2-year contract + a monthly fee of Rs 1250 for 250MB Internet access, 10h communication & 200 SMS = Rs 43,000.
Apple Tax PWNS.

More info on
Update 19.12.2008: iPhone 3G at last in Mauritius - & it sucks!

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Yashvin said...

Watever the price, I wont go for iphone since it does not suit my purpose, nor do I want to "glacer"

Anonymous said...

Well it's a really good news for since orange has been backed off a l'ill bit!!! In fact, I'd be rather glad if the tradename/copyright/trademark orange disappeared from the market line. Rs43k?? Do they think we people are crazy?? If they've got their own means of making profit, so do we!! Here are some good deals :

Mauritian market is crap mate. A software engineer gets max 40K while the company acquires profit which hits millions. In uk, your base salary is around 200k!!!


carrotmadman6 said...

Yeah, the best way to buy the iPhone is online & unlocked.

But then many Mauritians are stupid... they will never see through the deal... Anything that shines is gold for them. :P

GameHackor said...

haha good for them...
atleast they are being taken care somewhere

Anonymous said...

dont think i'll buy it...i think also few people will buy it... too big price tag... if apple thinks it can do business in mauritius as it does in US and's a big mistaken

btw how much is an unlocked iphone on the blackmarket??

carrotmadman6 said...

I guess between Rs 20k & 30k.


Anonymous said...

I dont think the market will be the same here. Well anyway am HAPPY for orange! When will we have a competition council here? :S

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