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Dec 29, 2008



Season 12 was pretty good, but still didn't manage to come near S10 which was the most hilarious of all.
Here are the highlights of each episode as from E03. I've already blogged about E01 here & E02 here.

Episode 3

TGS12E03 - Renault Avantime

E03’s main challenge where they had to modify a Renault Avantime to make it as fast as a Evo X was pretty boring. James’ stunt with Finnish racing wasn’t that interesting either.

TGS12E03 - V8 Blender

But heads up for Jeremy’s “man-blending” Corvette V8-powered blender.

Episode 4

TGS12E04 - Pagani Zonda F

The two big things about this great episode.
1 – James Mays was testing a supercar – The Pagani Zonda F Roadster.
2 – The Stig takes the Bugatti Veyron around the track.

TGS12E04 - Bugatti Veyron

As expected, the Bugatti Veyron does a massive time of 1:18.3 & takes 4th spot on the Power Lap. However the Pagani Zonda F beats it by a time of 1:17.8

TGS12E04 - Jaguar vs VW

But the Economy Challenge was the most interesting whereby each host had to travel from Basel to Blackpool on a single tank of fuel. & you’d be surprised which car turned out to be the most efficient!

Episode 5

TGS12E05 - Lexus IS-F

E05 was pretty good with Jeremy testing the Lexus IS-F against the BMW M3.
Some say that one of his eyes is a teste. And that he was turned down for I'm a celebrity because people have heard of him. All we know is… he's called The Stig!

TGS12E05 - Boat

The bus challenge wasn’t that good but the main challenge – Ferrari Daytona vs Boat was really amazing with James May getting the kick of his life!

Jeremy also mentioned Mauritius in the news…

It's like getting every travel brochure, choosing your summer holidays next summer — a hundred and eighty countries you could go to and saying Yes, Germany. Not Mauritius — not Mauritius, Dortmund is where I want to go.

Episode 6

TGS12E06 - Ford Fiesta Shopping

It started off with a sensible review of Ford Fiesta… but knowing Jeremy Clarkson, his idea of seriousness is quite far-fetched. Can the Fiesta outrun a Corvette in a shopping mall?

TGS12E06 - Ford Fiesta Assault

How about a beach assault?
Some say one of his legs get longer when he sees a pretty lady. And that I haven't done one of these for some time and I've forgotten to make up a second thing. All we know is… he's called The Stig!

TGS12E06 - Veritas

Communist car challenge wasn’t any good. Richard tested the Veritas RS III.

Episode 7

TGS12E07 - Tesla

E07 was pretty low profile with test of the Tesla Roadster & then the hydrogen-fuell-cell-powered Honda FCX Clarity by James.

Some say that he doesn't like to get his helmet wet. A point that was proved last week when he was caught in the back of shot by an eagle-eyed viewer. All we know is… he's called The Stig!

Episode 8 - Vietnam Special


As is the tradition, Top Gear always ends each season on a bombshell. For S12 they decided to do a 75-min Vietnam Special.


The length of the episode had already announced that this was going to be something big. It turned out to be EPIC! :D


Ask a guy who has never touched a motorbike in his life to buy one for a 1000-mile journey… & when that guy is Jeremy Clarkson, you know what’s coming up!


There were not many challenges, but the hosts were doing what they did best, i.e. teamwork or the opposite of it. Accompanied by the ominous Joker theme score...


If you’ve never watched Top Gear, then I would definitely recommend this special as a start – I just lost count of the many times I went ROFL literally!


There couldn’t be a better way to end this year 2008 than watching the Vietnam special. That was the most awesome special they’ve ever done! & the best thing? – it wasn’t about cars… :P

More on Vietnam - The Aftermath download links here:

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Anonymous said...

Maaan! I have to take some time and download these episodes. I do have BBC World but I can't seem to get the episodes at the right time. I actually don't really like watching TV and have to abide by broadcast rules!

Anonymous said...

yea i find abiding to rules in general tough....

i just watched the last episode....its really hilarious..i was literally ROLF to the part they paint bike in pink and the lady continues painting other bikes....

carrotmadman6 said...

For me it was the bits with that American bike with its stupid sound that brought me down to tears... :D

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