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Dec 13, 2008


If you have gone on Adobe & tried to download any of CS4 suites like the Adobe CS4 Master Collection or the Design Premium, you must have been disappointed to find that you can only try it by ordering a trial DVD. The trials are no more available for download… or are they?

The truth is that the trials are still on their servers, but they are not publicly available for download. & here’s how to grab them via direct links… :P

- Signup for an Adobe account (with your Adobe account, you get access to Buzzword, Photoshop Express Premier Express, etc.)

- Go to Adobe Downloads & select to try Photoshop Lightroom 2.

- It’ll ask you to login with your Adobe account & then it’ll take you to the download page.

- But we don’t want Lightroom 2, do we? So just paste the links below in the address bar and hit return to start the download.
If you try each of these links directly it won’t work since you need to authenticate yourself on the Adobe server for the download to start. That’s why we need to go through the above steps. :)

Adobe CS4 Master Collection – 5.43GB

Note: The 7z is the archive and the exe is the extractor.

Adobe CS4 Design Premium – 3.78GB


Adobe CS4 Web Premium – 4.14GB


Adobe CS4 Production Premium – 4.43GB


Adobe CS4 Photoshop Extended – 814MB


Adobe Acrobat Extended 9 – 843MB

Photoshop Extra Content – 6.42MB

After Effects Extra Content – 736MB

Premiere Pro Extra Content – 2.71GB

Flash Pro Extra Content – 1.46MB


Why download?


Simply because you can! Yes I can!
Don’t forget that Adobe downloads are cached by Akamai, so you’ll be getting full 2Mbps – 250KB/s speed on your my.T! What reason can be more compelling that this? Perhaps you’d want to “try” these apps that are worth Rs 100k.

I’d recommend using a download manager to max out your 2Mbps & the links can be resumed. If it doesn’t, then do the same above steps, initiate the download & then resume your paused download. Downloading the Master Collection trial took me just 6h 40min for 5.43GB.
Adobe takes these links down from time to time, so don’t be upset if the links stop working.

Happy downloading! :)

Edit: More direct links here.

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Neelesh said...

I downloaded the cs 4, photoshop. ;)

carrotmadman6 said...


Neelesh said...

It is not fooling the server dude. We have just identifies ourselves and gone to a link that has not been publicly available. :P

carrotmadman6 said...

Yeah. That was a wrong choice of words. Edited. :)

wassim said...

i've downloaded ps, ae, pr, ai, fl invidually . thamks for this trick
by the way hop the fucking FUP dont bother use when downloading such larg files

carrotmadman6 said...

That's the big question? Does FUP count for Akamai downloads? o_O
I downloaded 9GB off Adobe the other day... :S

However since no one so far has been punished by the FUP, we can assume we're still safe for the time being. :)

Anonymous said...

these are all AVAILABLE CS4 links on Adobe site - - - No magic you done!

If you are so... that you say so... then get me CS or CS2 download links.... hahahahaha

carrotmadman6 said...

Can you directly download a trial of Adobe CS4 Master Collection?
Well, I can't... :)

Anonymous said...

it's while you have the dialog box up for "would you like to save lightroom?" that you paste in the links ;)

Anonymous said...

oh, and thanks a bunch carrotmadman6. you are a lifesaver!

Bob said...

bro this is useless. Lightroom 2 isn't even available anymore on adobe's site

B Cooper2 said...

Bob: it still works, just do it through lightroom 3

Jimmthsn said...

 the 7z file  is the actual collection, download bothe the exe and the 7z into a folder , unzip the 7z then run the exe

freedownload full game said...

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