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Feb 23, 2009

iPhone 3G prepay I may be very late in noticing this… but I just checked Orange’s iPhone page today & I saw this…

So finally after having noticed that its post-paid offers were a dud, Orange launched the iPhone 3G without any contract! :)

The prices are still expensive – you could easily get a 5800 XpressMusic for Rs 13k (or N96 or an N97 for approximately the same price when it launches). & with phones like the Samsung Omnia HD, N86 or the Palm Pre launching soon, the iPhone seems so passé.
8GB – Rs 24,700
16GB – Rs 30,700

Let’s not forget it doesn’t have any data plans bundled with it. Hence you’ll still be paying that very hefty Rs0.01/KB or Rs10.24/MB!
Since we don’t have an iTunes App Store in Mauritius (Er, do we? Can anyone confirm this?), you’ll need to Jailbreak it & add Cydia.
For Emtel users, you’ll need to taste some YellowSnow

Apple Orange Shit2 You should buy this if:
- you don’t have any foreign friends/relatives who can buy it much cheaper.
- you don’t know how to buy online.
- you don’t know what’s the iPod Touch.
- you can’t wait until June/Dec for iPhone 3G v2.
- you are really desperate for one.

Thanks to Anonymous, we now know that Orange's FAQ shows you how to illegally gain access to iTunes! Brilliant!

& don't forget this:

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Anonymous said...

Hey check the FAQs

It tells you how to create an iTunes account by select US as country...and by doing so Orange is asking you to violate the very first terms and conditions of iTunes store...TVR...

That said, I have been able to create my account and I'm currently enjoying some free podcasts...fully mirrored by Akamai of course:):):)

carrotmadman6 said...

Thanks for the info! :D

Anonymous said...

ROFL. That phone is bullshit.
No video calling
No MMS..
Well.......age des glace?

Anonymous said...

Way too expensive... Hail Nokia 6630!!! 3 years old.. and still going strong! i get 3G, i can install any symbian app, any java app, i get 2GB memory. i can switch between networks..

i can keep another simcard under the battery :P

and i can access the net just like on PC, with Opera Mini. Chat via Ebuddy.. the list is endless..

Anonymous said...

the more you wait the more u begin to think that the iphone is shit....why all the fuss about a touch screen zat makes ur pocket "vin carer"....ok the iphone is good looking and its got an accelerometer...but apart from that its fact its less than nothing coz its got so many disadvantages....1stly u got to pay and enormous amount of money to get one, then u have to pay Rs 1200 every month for 2 yrs and it goes here pay there....and also u got to activate via dont have a pc(nor mac) how do i get this shit started....then u end up saying " 6230i....FTW \m/ \m/!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Sleepoholic, think before you say something about the iPhone 3G!! (or go play dota :P)

The iPhone 3G is way beyond what Nokia can do with its phones... Sure it does not have video calling, mms, lock to a mobile carrier... But hey!! Let's analyse the actual situation...

Video calling hmm? LOL who cares about it?? Seriously, Mauritians don't need it and it cost like shit even so... Even other countries don't use it(well apart Japan)

mms? Seems you don't follow the hacking scene... MMS is available on the iPhone 3G through an app

Lock to a carrier? My friend, yellowsn0w is here.. I've unlocked my iPhone 3G with this(of course I've jailbroken it before doing so)

@Sun, you're 6630 sucks anyway sorry to tell you that... So you "an access the net just like on PC, with Opera Mini.", well your tiny little nokia screen sucks ass!! Seriously, I don't think its easy for you to navigate through the web with you little stupid keyboard :P iPhone 3G offers safari web browser which is way the fastest browser on mobile phones... Its touch screen offers easiness for browsing the web...

Considering the Samsung Omnia HD and the already available Nokia 5800 available in Mauritius, Omnia HD still sucks with its symbian operating systems... People don't realise how shit this symbian is... Nokia 5800 is good, but you will have pain in the ass to install things on it... (well a stupid boring phone in the end)

carrotmadman6 said...

The simple fact that you need to install apps to enable MMS, video recording, better camera options... means that is a major flaw on iPhone 3G. Dunno why Apple don't do anything about it. Hope they fix it in the iPhone v3. :)

Safari doesn't show Flash animations. :P
Despite the iPhone being a much more powerful device, it doesn't do Flash. & Nokia browser using WebKit (same engine that powers Safari) can render Flash content... Hehe :D

Symbian ain't shit... Sure it doesn't have the "bling bling" of the iPhone, but it's really a powerful OS which lacks good developers.

Unknown said...

LOL LOL nice post! I also gained access to the iTunes thanks to Orange and I am using it for more than 6 months! Thanks orange, not for their offer of the iPhone though.. I can't turn the 3G and i'm on Emtel :(. And btw iPhone is getting crap now, buy the HTC Hero.... :D

Anonymous said...

Well well well, i have seen comments here and everywhere else of the iphone and its 'better competitors' and I must point out that unfortunately, the iphone is still king. There's absolutely no doubt about that. The *only* reason it rules, the app store and the approval process by Apple for iphone applications, the end-result being a perfect user experience. Moreover, the iphone 3.x OS has addresses all issues people are ranting about, and the iPhone 3GS has addressed hardware specs of the other top competitors. Pity that Orange MU does not have the 3GS yet.

Anonymous said...

HTC HD2 is coming, the most larger touch screen phone 4.3 inches, i'm waiting for same since November 2009 and still no sign of it!!! But i think it will be the best mobile phone available in Mauritius, actually i'm using a HTC Touch Diamond and i'm very happy. So why we users we have conflict between us for the iPhone when the suppliers are watching us[money] in their 'Gratte Ciel'

Anonymous said...

guys, stop fighting over who has a better phone or not !!!

i have an iphone 3g (got mine as a gift from Oz) and trust me.. wat i can do with it, no other phones can do... mms, forwarding msg, SCHEDULING of sms, BLUETOOTH SHARING with any other phones(yeah u r reading BLUETOOTH SHARING), shit loads of games, MSoffice, i can see my contact PICS in my contact list, i have the weather channel, NEED FOR SPEED SHIFT... video recording... do u want me to continue...??

true, its lacks some basic things like mms etc (in the beginning).. but why do we have firmware updates then !! doesnt it apply to every big phone companies like nokia.. so wat da fuck are u all crying about.. doesnt msoffice, windows have flaws and keeps on updating .. dont tell me u never got a cracked version of windows or any other softwares ... bullshit.

true also that in MRU, the iphone is also really expensive and gets cheaper when a new version is coming out (btw, the 4 generation of iphone is already in production) and orange in mauritius keeps on the monopoly and you have that contract that u have to stick too (iphone gets cheaper but contract pain in the arse)

at the end of the day, each of us make wat he wants with the phone he has... i can be pissed off too as the iphone 3g, 3gs is already OLD. as i said before, the 4 generation of iphone is already in production and out soon...

so stop fighting around .. Nokia, HTC, etc are great phones..

The IPHONE, is as GREAT...

Anonymous said...

i have a Sony Ericson Xperia and its the best to use, and also i have the lg viewty gc209 smart with a built in camera of 12 mega pixels, jeez those two phones are me life.. ^_^ they rocks, better than any other phones, its a fact!!!!

Anonymous said...

back to Anonymous:

your phones are so good, that you need TWO phones... thats interesting..

by the way, your SE Xperia has just been released on November 3 2009.. so you have a BRAND NEW PHONE... or pls be specific about the model !!! thenu might have an old phone !!!

the lg viewty gc 209 (strange, on the internet ur LG is describe as a fridge/freezer !!, maybe u got the model no. wrong... ) pls chk it out..

hope u dont lose one of them as ur life expectancy might reduce considerably and unexpectedly!!!!!! and die of hunger !!!


Mobileduster said...

The iphone is sadly lacking many features...Unless u jailbreak and unlock it, its useless to use such a wonderful device

Mobileduster said...

If the iphone 3g had a good flash at the back and video recording capabilities just like an n95 i think it would be an absolute phone because it has indeed the best touchscreen a phone ever has...It has surpassed nokia, errickson, lg, Htc...Still then the iphone is my best phone ever

Anonymous said...

helo..i real wanted to have that iphone. is there anyway for me to have it other than going through Orange? it seems very expensive if you pass by them...they are digging in your pocket!

carrotmadman6 said...

Buy factory unlocked from Hong Kong.

Anonymous said...

how can i do it? there is no one here in Mau?

carrotmadman6 said...

You can try on eBay or try to find someone going to Hong Kong.

Anonymous said...

thanks.....just like to ask if ebay is realy reliable?

carrotmadman6 said...

eBay is reliable. Just check the response obtained by the seller.
For iPhones, price is quite inflated & you have to make sure it must be new, not refurbished or second-hand.

Anonymous said...

helo..i just got new iphone..i downloaded itune but is seems there no iphoto there..i cannot tranfer photo from my laptop to iphone..if you can give me some advice..thanks

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous Be more precise..

Anonymous said...

ok so its been a few months since iphone 4 was released in the US and i believe to have it in mauritius its gonna take ages! i actually have an iphone 3g which i purchased 2 years ago and i pay around rs1200+/month. i believe that orange is such a money sucker(forgive the language!)

im just checking the prices of at&t in the US for iphone4; its $300 + $15or$25/ month = Rs 9300 + Rs465orRs775/month

im pretty sure that we will have to pay Rs18 000 +rs1200 which is euhhh twice and thrice the actual price!

Nitish said...

just to confirm, we do have itunes for appstore in mauritius, with a proper mauritian credit card...
I have one myself...

steve jobs said...

I just got my iPhone 4 a few days back, DUDE .. there's nothing else comparable to it. If you have got Cydia and Installous, no need for a credit card or the app store. You can get most of the top apps for "free". I have been using the Symbian devices for nearly 8-10 years, nokia 6600, 6680, n72 and nokia 5800. I am a nokia fan but believe me once you use the iPhone 4.. you'll forget all about the symbian. I have been using the HTC Desire for the past 2 months, really nice phone.. better than the nokia devices in my opinion.. Even better than the nokia N8.. Nokia needs to go with a better OS, say Android or MeeGo to be able to compete with IOS.

Anonymous said...

mr steve jobs its better you who design the mobile man

Tash said...

hello there i have an iphone 4 s that i bought in ireland and i got myself an orange sim yesterday.iv topped up n all and also bought and internet package the thing is the iphone is saying no cellular data and no internet connection would you be able to tell me how to activate internet please.thank u.

carrotmadman6 said...

Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data NetworkUse APN orangeLeave other fields blank.

Tash said...

hey thanks for replying but theres no APN theres VPN n it looks complicated lol n it says add vpn configuration

carrotmadman6 said...

No, VPN is another thing.

If there's no APN settings like here - - you'll have to install the iPhone Configuration Utility to add it.

Download it here:

Instructions to add a new APN:

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