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Feb 5, 2009


The plot outline for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has been revealed thanks to someone who participated to a survey. But rest assured, the text is hidden!

The HD teasers are already on Apple Trailers, so here's the link for the 720p & the rest of it is here.
Teasers for G.I. Joe, Fast & Furious 4, Angels & Demons and Star Trek are also up.

Returning to Revenge of the Fallen, Slashfilm have reported that this teaser is mostly 70% from the first 20 mins of the film... hence the best stuff is still under wraps.


The huge Constructicon seen on the last scene of the teaser has been identified as being the 1000-ton Terex O&K RH 400 Hydraulic Mining Excavator.


The RH 400 is a the top end of all hydraulic excavators and the largest machine in the market world wide. Power? Only 4500hp… have posted 1080p stills from the teaser.
Or get the real deal. A film extra, doing a GI role on the set posted loads of photos from a battle scene. It doesn't reveal anything though…

Update: ALL PLOT Spoilers are here! Don't say I didn't warn you! :P

The plot outline
Knowing the plot doesn't really spoil anything for me - since it's quite vague & the ending is of course not known. ;)
So if you are feeling brave enough, just select the bits below...

- Sam and his family attempt to return to a normal life.
- Sam is in college.
- Starscream returns to Cybertron to lead the Decepticons.
- He brings an army of Decepticons to Earth.
- They revive Megatron using a fragment of the All Spark.
- Megatron seeks revenge against Sam, his friends, and family.
- Starscream and the other Decepticons seek to not only take over Earth, but the entire universe.
- Optimus Prime assembles an Autobot army to battle to keep the universe free.


So Revenge of the Fallen (in addition to The Fallen) also includes Megatron, getting back their revenge on the Autobots.
Hmmm... about the fragment of the AllSpark – remember Sam still had a piece of it after killing Megatron!


The first scene of the trailer showed the protoforms of the Decepticons crashing on an aircraft carrier - I bet that this is the trench where Megatron lies with the ships guarding the area.

Transformers 2 Teaser Poster_optimized

If you had seen the film poster, it's neither Starscream or Megatron but indeed The Fallen as confirmed in my next post.


This is only one of the Constructicons in the trailer - uses those tracks as a superwheel! Devastator - has all those 6 Constructicons having merged together. :)

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For the first time, I've witnessed lightning during a cyclone. Not only that's very uncommon but it was cloud-to-ground lightning with the electric arcs repeatedly striking the ground!!


Here's the rest of Gael coverage on the blogs:
- 19h40 - Cyclone gael in mauritius, Port Louis! Ca se gate !! - The Eagle's Lodge
- Cyclone Warning Class 2 in Force in Mauritius – S4ndeep
- Gael Cyclone In Mauritius - The Details – IslandCrisis
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MBC Cyclone Warning Jingle
Who doesn't recognise this typical tune, associated with cyclones - used since decades? It's always been there... anyone knows when it was first introduced?

Download it here - 270Kb
It's a low quality mono recording using a phone, original was in amr, which I converted to mp3 with I got it from a friend, but I have no idea who recorded it.
If Class 3 is enforced tomorrow, I'll record a better version from the hourly bulletins - hope they don't change it!!

Enjoy your cyclonic ringtone! :P

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Anonymous said...

If only i had one of those robots :P

The lightings yea i saw that first time too at my place. Good that was far and not near my house lol

anamul said...

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anamul said...

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