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Feb 6, 2009



An unidentified site has sprung alive with unprecedented footage of something coming out of the sea...

It turned out to be that of an ex-tame racing alien - The Black Stig.

As you obviously don't remember, The Black Stig was killed off in the first episode of Season 3 by driving a Jaguar off a carrier. Turned out it wasn't an alien, but someone named Perry McCarthy.

Graham Hill Stig mckillop stig obama_stig

& as we've recently known The White Stig has been busted as being Barack Obama, the early Graham Hill & the boss of Royal Bank of Scotland Sir Top McKillop,
& some guy named Ben Collins, stunt-driver for Quantum of Solace.

Ok, let's get serious! That video is amateur-made. Not because of the missing glove – it had floated to the surface when Stig drowned.

Perry McCarthy

It was this... Anyone who wanted to replicate Top Gear wouldn't have posted such a blatant hint.


But it is a good idea indeed - Top Gear should take note of this. Since we already know who The White Stig is (Barack Obama i.e.), it's time to finish him off & keep the Legend of The Stig alive...

Some say that he's Mac compatible, and that both of his hearts have variable valve timing. All we know is, he's called The Stig.

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Anonymous said...

Some say that the next stig will be ME....and that it would be much more colouful!! enough of monochrome!! :-D

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