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Feb 8, 2009


shutterb_org is an online word processor which I discovered on RWW. Pretty boring stuff you’d say until you discover it comes with a… twist! :D


On opening, try the option Open from Web – which lets you grab any webpage with CSS & everything & lets you edit it!

Here are some of my creations…

Shutterborg - Twitter



Shutterborg - Apple



Shutterborg - Facebook



Shutterborg - Hi5


Google – the way it should be!

Shutterborg - Google


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Anonymous said...

Love the Creole Twitter page ! ;-D

Saajid said...

Lol tro bon sa :D

My fav is the Google one ;-)

Yashvin said...

I love the google one :P

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your hilarious review of Shutterborg! Would it be alright if we used the screen captures on our company blog ( We're working on a few new features that will be added very soon, so make sure you keep an eye on us.
- Jason

Anonymous said...

cool...the facebook could have also been fes* lol

Anonymous said...

Wonderful :P,
The google 1 is great :D

carrotmadman6 said...

@Jason Miller
Yeah sure, you can use the screens. I'm looking forward to the new features. :)

Yeah I was thinking whether to do it or not... but it would have been a bit too far-fetched. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.., hey thats great...I specially like the twitter one lol.. Met pouce ici WLOL :D

Thanks for sharing buddy.

$€|v3n said...

lmao @ the iDeath and iLazy

Anonymous said...

twitter one -> top net! :D

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